Enterprise Module

The Insight Legal Enterprise Module provides law firms with the increased functionality of task management and digital workflow to streamline case handling.

The task management processes aid case-workers to be more efficient and effective, ensuring greater time management.  The improved efficiencies allow for a larger volume of cases to be progressed and completed, therefore turning the investment in software into growth and profitability for the law firm.

In addition, the Enterprise Module provides tools to assist with the completion and monitoring of the many compliance responsibilities firms are required to carry out.

Key features of the Enterprise Module include;

  • Workflows and automated processes of phases of tasks
  • Integrated online legal forms included in the module, ensuring the firm is always submitting the latest online forms available
  • The ability to have bespoke workflows designed for the firm
  • Users can build their own tasks and workflows to meet the needs of their firm following and in conjunction with comprehensive training from an Insight Legal Case Management Software Specialist
  • Tasks can be allocated to teams and individuals and their timely completion supervised
  • Enhanced email correspondence within workflows
  • Time Capture underpinning case management activity
  • Mobile working via the Insight Legal App

There are huge benefits from the Enterprise Module for law firms that have any parts of any matters that follow a process.  Some believe case management only works for firms where their matters follow a consistent path.  Enterprise allows decision making prompts with customisation to the firm’s own procedures.  A system that allows you to streamline your chosen working practices and can ensure the delivery of a high quality, tailored, efficient service.

Case management is made better through the process of preplanning, prompts, reminders and tasks.  Enterprise offers automatic prompts for users and teams allowing work to be allocated to and from supervisor levels.

In essence, Enterprise will let the workflow work for you.

In addition to these features and included in the module is the Insight Legal Mobile App; allowing access to review and monitor your cases, along with time recording capabilities, it is the solution to keep your office on the move.

For each law firm a complimentary annual membership subscription*, for 1 user, with the Institute of Legal Finance and Management will be included within your Enterprise Module.  The ILFM is the UK’s leading membership organisation in the legal finance and management sector, providing a wide range of services, benefits and resources. Membership will be hugely beneficial to the COFA,  Finance Manager or Legal Cashier within your practice.

*New members only.