Testimonial from Natalie Moore, Founding Partner of Aconveyancing:

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Aconveyancing was founded in 2017 by experienced property conveyancer, Natalie Moore, to provide a high-quality conveyancing service, nationally. The company has experienced organic year on year growth, which has seen the company expand to four regional offices across the Midlands and 60 members of staff. With a high street approach to conveyancing, Aconveyancing prides itself on supporting a network of estate agents with their conveyancing requirements, and delivering a quality, award-winning service.

We interviewed founding partner, Natalie Moore, regarding the firm’s adoption of technology to support the management of its client cases:

The Law Firm

“We started our journey with Insight Legal’s practice management software in 2021 with 22 users. Fast forward to today, and we have grown to 54 users, operating in four offices with 60 members of staff. Case management is integral to the way we operate and deliver our services, and so ensuring we have the right technology platform at the core of our business, it allows us to concentrate on delivering a seamless and quality support to our clients.”

The Requirements

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As a new business back in 2017, Natalie was cautious about committing to one technology provider as she was aware that the proptech landscape was continually evolving, yet she wanted a solution that would cater to the firm’s growing needs, while allowing them to manage client cases efficiently.

Explains Natalie: “Originally, we were using another case management system however I was mindful for that every new member of staff that joined the team, we would need to add additional licenses, increasing our monthly costs.  As a relatively new business, cashflow is important. This approach would prove costly as we continue to grow and so it wasn’t the right option for us.”

“We were therefore looking for a more cost-effective solution that would provide us with the functionality we needed to manage our client cases. That’s when our legal accountant recommended Insight Legal, and it turned out to be a game-changer,” adds Natalie.

The Solution

One of the standout features of Insight Legal is its ability to streamline the firm’s workflow and minimise its reliance on paper, supporting its aspiration of moving towards a paperless environment.  Confirms Natalie: “This has been especially beneficial for us, with different branches and offices needing to connect seamlessly, removing reliance on paper-based activities has been important.

“The Insight platform helps us deliver a truly consistent service, regardless of which office the client is working with. This improves our ability to manage and track important deadlines, status updates and case milestones. Additionally, building workflows has made our processes more efficient and compliant with regulations, including requirements like Know Your Customer and AML.”

Insight Legal’s wide range of features has allowed Aconveyancing to benefit from time savings when handling legal matters, as Natalie continues: “Having seen efficiencies from combining our legal case management tools, with financial data and management reporting all in one system, we have recently upgraded to the Insight Legal Enterprise edition. This creates further efficiencies but also the ability to understand and analyse how the whole business is performing.

“It includes powerful workflow tools that put us firmly in control of our processes, giving guidance to staff and reassurance to the practice. We are also looking to utilise other features of the Enterprise edition, such as accounts reconciliation, client portals, payment links, and digital signatures. It’s great to have a wealth of tools at our disposal, without having to switch to an entirely new package.”

The Results

When asking Natalie about the support she has received from the team, she is happy to confirm a harmonious partnership: “The Insight Legal team has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support. Training is thorough, and their responsive help is invaluable. We appointed ‘superusers’ within our firm, who were trained by Insight Legal experts and then passed on their knowledge to the rest of the team; this has worked really well.”

Moreover, client information, documents, and communication are managed effectively through Insight Legal, which contributes to better client satisfaction and overall service quality, as Natalie explains: “Introducing any type of new technology brings a period of expected internal change, and often teething challenges. With Insight Legal, we have been able to maintain consistency of service throughout.  Our commitment to client satisfaction has remained constant even amidst the tech changes. We are started exploring integrations with our other platforms, and are happy with the options available to us – for example integrating with our Coadjute platform shows great promise.”

In conclusion, Natalie is happy to endorse the Insight Legal practice management platform: “All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Insight Legal; the software does everything a case management system should do and more, is user-friendly, with the added advantage of a responsive support team. Technology is today paramount in all law firms yet there are so many options out there; you can’t afford to get it wrong – both from a business and profit perspective, as well as a reputational point of view. I have no doubts with Insight Legal.

“The relationship we have is a two-way street, and the Insight Legal product team genuinely value our feedback, which helps them shape future development. It’s the kind of partnership that has helped us grow and deliver the best service to our clients, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. As we unlock further features in the Enterprise edition, I can only see this delivering even greater value to my firm.”

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