Legal Case Management Software

Insight Legal’s cloud based case management system is the ultimate in efficiency.

Designed specifically for law firms, Insight Legal provides everything you need to manage your case files from start to finish.

For the users – brilliantly comprehensive workflows that offer guidance, resources and support where needed. Your tailored case plan alongside a centralised matter record that keeps everything in one place, from correspondence history, to key dates, to core matter information and next steps.

For the firm – complete reassurance that your staff have the supportive guidance of workflows even if they may be working at a distance, along with compliance tools, automatic escalations and task designation that makes sure the right things are done by the right people, and at the right time.

What is Case Management software?

Case management software is designed to help legal firms gather, produce and manage the information and correspondence required to run a legal matter. This can include correspondence templates, task lists, prompts and reminders, client onboarding, contact management and document storage, amongst many other things.

How much does legal Case Management software cost?

In the same way that functionality can vary significantly between systems, so can the cost. Some suppliers require you to purchase a licence upfront, whilst others work on a pay-as-you go or even a pay-per-case basis. Insight Legal software costs from £65 per user per month, for case management, practice management and legal accounting functionality. Regular system updates and ongoing expert support are also included in your monthly fee.

Use our pricing calculator to get an estimate for your requirements. 


The Ultimate Solution

We know that the term Case Management can mean different things to different people. For some firms – and in some areas of law – case management can take the form of a detailed and almost prescriptive flow chart that takes users on a pathway through running their case. For others, that journey through a matter is far less prescribed, and the case management requires a much greater degree of flexibility.

Whatever the needs of your law firm, Insight Legal’s cloud based case management functionality gives you the control that you demand and the flexibility that you desire.

Benefits of Case Management Software

Efficiently manage your communications

Equip your staff with pre-built document and email templates with integrated merge fields, to ensure your correspondence is quickly produced, efficiently stored and entirely customised. Our limitless document library provides vital resources at your fingertips.

In-built escalations and compliance checks

The sophisticated workflow capabilities of Insight Legal give reassurance that your compliance responsibilities are in safe hands. Whether it’s a prompt to complete a task, a reminder that a deadline is approaching, an automatic escalation or a notification that some information is missing, you can be safe in the knowledge that your obligations are met.

Safe and secure document storage

A centralised register of all your documents, attachments and correspondence is an essential tool for effective working, but with the demands of hybrid or home working, it’s never been more crucial. With Insight Legal, firms have the flexibility of choosing their storage location, and whether that be our secure cloud storage, your own server, or anywhere in between, your firm will benefit from instant and secure access, whatever your location.

Capture your time

Good case management isn’t just about doing the right things, it’s also about accurately recording what you’ve done. That time recording is essential information for your cases of course, but also for the management of the law firm. With Insight Legal there are many ways to time record, from automatic capture as you complete your activities, to an instantly accessible stopwatch, to the on-the-go capabilities of our mobile app. We know that time recording can be time consuming, but that’s not the case with Insight Legal.

A practice-wide solution

We know that good case management is not just about producing documents. While some case management systems stand alone, Insight Legal has flexible in-built time recording, comprehensive accounting functionality, sophisticated workflow management and vital compliance checks. Your staff have everything they need at their fingertips to manage their entire case, and the firm has absolute reassurance that your vital information is easily accessible as well as safely stored.

Key Features

Sale Workflow1

Powerful workflow tools put you firmly in control of your processes, giving guidance to staff and reassurance to the practice.

Document Management

Produce, store and manage your entire case history, with the ability to store every type of attachment to your electronic file.

hand in blue circle


Streamline your client onboarding whilst ensuring compliance, with our Veriphy integration for AML and credit checks.


Work on-the-go with all your case information at your fingertips, whilst never missing an opportunity to capture time.

Email Intergration

Email Management

Simply create and file new correspondence and automatically attach incoming items to their matters with Insight’s seamless Outlook integration.

Legal Forms

Utilise the vast library of legal forms and pre-populate with your client and case data from Insight, for the ultimate in time-saving efficiencies.

Payment Links

Include Payment Links in your invoices and other correspondence to enable your clients to make payments to you instantly, accurately and online

Property Searches

Efficiently use stored case information to order property searches via our integration with leading search provider Index PI

The Insight Legal System contains the functionality to assist Fee Earners in progressing and managing their cases without being prescriptive. Further, we feature all of the functionality for creating documents, delivering and storing emails, and maintaining case specific data, along with managing your document histories and integrating your diary.

Book a demo to see how Insight Legal Software can exceed your legal case management needs. Our software is designed specifically for UK and Ireland Law Firms.

How will Case Management software help me?

Good case management software can make you more efficient in lots of ways, from preventing time spent on repetitive admin tasks, to automating reminders and tasks, as well as providing next-step guidance where required and triggering escalations as appropriate. With all your relevant case information easily accessible in one place, a case management solution will help you to get more done in less time.

Why is it important to keep your accounts and case management data in one system?

A true practice management solution extends to all your business functions. Fee earners can be most efficient when they have full visibility of matter financial information, and the accounts team can be most efficient when they have full visibility of fee earner billing and other matter activity. Having a single system means that no time is wasted by duplicating work. The joined-up approach of Insight Legal means that all of your firm’s financial obligations can be managed in one system, as well as all staff – whatever their role – being truly efficient.

Does Case Management software integrate with other programs and apps?

One of the benefits of Insight Legal’s case management functionality is that it has many of the features and functions that you need already built in, without the need for a third-party solution. However, for those areas where it just makes sense, we are proud to partner with market-leading providers of AML checks, legal forms, property searches and banking integrations, along with vital tools such as Microsoft Office.

What data does a Case Management system store, and where is my data held?

The Insight Legal case management system stores all of the important information about your case, such as key dates, contact information for your Clients and other parties and next steps, alongside the entire correspondence and document history, the time recording and financial ledger. Your firm can choose whether this data is held in our secure cloud storage or on your own equipment, providing the ultimate in flexibility and control.

Will I need specialist help to build my Case Management workflows?

We offer a number of ‘out of the box’ workflows for areas of law such as conveyancing, employment, family law and private client work. The Insight functionality is simple to use, so for firms who require something entirely bespoke, or who simply want to make changes to a pre-built workflow, this is something that can be done without technical intervention or specialist skills. For firms who may not have the time to build or amend workflows themselves, our workflow consultants can facilitate any design or build requirements.

What our clients say



Data Migration

For a practice choosing a new system, it is imperative that data from the old system can be brought forward to the new one. We are experts in data migration from over 40 different systems.

project management

Project Management

Insight Legal is an award-winning software solution, supported by a dedicated team of people on hand to work alongside you to plan a bespoke transition according to your exact needs.


Our Training is designed around the needs of your people and practice. Training doesn’t stop after the implementation phase – it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

Platform and Deployment

Firms can choose between storing data entirely on premise, in the cloud or a mixture of both. This combination of apps and flexible deployment means users have a responsive, easy to use system.


Many software companies charge an additional fee for their support service on top of the licence cost. With Insight Legal, software support is included in the price that you pay.


Many software companies charge an additional fee for their support service on top of the licence cost. With Insight Legal, software support is included in the price that you pay.


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