Project Management

In Insight Legal we are determined to keep up front costs to a minimum and that is why you will not find installation and setup charges on most of our quotations or invoices. We manage the implementation and go-live process for approximately 30 new firms a month.  With all that experience we have the process down to a fine art.  Most of these projects need minimal project management and therefore you will not see Project Management fees on either quotations or invoices either.

More complex projects, however, do require significantly more project management time and effort to make sure that the implementation goes without a hitch. These tend to be projects with a larger number of users, possibly over multiple sites or if we are migrating from multiple systems.  Some of our clients have a Project Manager involved on their side to make sure the firms expectations are met, and in these circumstances we allocate more time from our project management team.

Our Sales team will be more than happy to talk through the Project Management requirements of your specific project.

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