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We understand that a time recording system needs to be flexible for different firms, and with people’s work patterns. With this in mind, we have created a flexible, easy-to-use system that fully integrates with our billing module. You can track your time whether finished or work in progress and view the total time spent against a case. You can even record time on the move.

What is Time Recording software?

Legal Time Recording needs to be flexible enough to allow firms to record time in their preferred type of unit whilst allowing charges based upon any combination of who did the work, the grade of the fee earner, the type of case, what activity was performed along with when it was done and how long it took. Without accurate time recording, bills will not be correct and the firm’s practice manager will not be able to judge the efficacy of the solicitors or their departments.


We work with you to set up the time recording facility so it mirrors your existing workflow. We can then help adjust this if your requirements change.

Accessible App, Multiple Projects

We have created a time recorder App to accommodate your individual needs. If you work across multiple projects during a day, the time recorder assigned to each project will stop and start on your behalf, as you move between projects. This reduces the need for you to monitor, plus helps billing accuracy without any increased input from you. At the end of the day, you can review the hours spent across each project, in one place, before submitting it for billing.

No recording errors

We’ve developed a built-in Time Recording Maintenance function so you can correct any time errors on a project. You have the ability to set permissions, so access to this function can be restricted. For those that can access it, it’s a simple process to amend recording entries, and there are built-in checks to protect data integrity and ensure time entries which have been billed or written off cannot be amended or removed.

Time recording needs are unique to each firm and fee earner. Our system has been designed to accommodate every type of firm with a system that is both personal, flexible and easy to use.

However your time recording and rates need to be defined, we will have a way of doing it.


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data migration

Data Migration

For a practice choosing a new system, it is imperative that data from the old system can be brought forward to the new one. We are experts in data migration from over 40 different systems.

Project Management

Insight Legal is an award-winning software solution, supported by a dedicated team of people on hand to work alongside you to plan a bespoke transition according to your exact needs.


Our Training is designed around the needs of your people and practice. Training doesn’t stop after the implementation phase – it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

Platform and Deployment

Firms can choose between storing data entirely on premise, in the cloud or a mixture of both. This combination of apps and flexible deployment means users have a responsive, easy to use system.


Many software companies charge an additional fee for their support service on top of the licence cost. With Insight Legal, software support is included in the price that you pay.


Many software companies charge an additional fee for their support service on top of the licence cost. With Insight Legal, software support is included in the price that you pay.


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