Give Your Law Firm the Digital Edge Webinar – 13th December 2022

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Give Your Law Firm the Digital Edge Webinar

70% of UK SME law firms are investing in their technology in the coming year. If you’re among them, good choice, but there’s more to it than investment. You also need to ask yourself honestly:

  • are you choosing the best tools for your specific issues?
  • do you know specifically what you want to achieve with your software?
  • do you have a plan to measure and optimise your tools?

You can’t just throw money at tech and hope it solves your problems – you need a detailed strategy in place. That’s why our next webinar will present our findings from working with over a 1,000 law firms and shows you how yours can get the digital edge.

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This webinar is suitable for;

  • Practice Managers, Solicitors, Partners and Support Staff within a law firm

Webinar Speaker

Deborah Witkiss – Chief Product Officer
Deborah Witkiss

Chief Product Officer at Insight Legal

Deborah started her career working in legal finance before moving in to legal software 20 years ago, training and supporting law firms in their use of technology as well as teaching solicitors about dealing with their accounts and managing their practices. Deborah joined Insight Legal in 2012 and is the company’s Chief Product Officer.

Having spent many years working with legal practice and procedure and having delivered literally thousands of training courses over her career, Deborah is used to working with law firms of different sizes and is well placed to offer practical tips and advice. She is also a member of the Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM).