Managing a caseload of legal work can be challenging if not done properly. Prioritising relevant actions and delegating or escalating others is essential, but how can you possibly face that challenge unless you break it down in to manageable parts?

Whether you require automatically triggered actions at key points of a case, timed reminders where information or responses are missing or the ability to set ad hoc tasks where needed, Enterprise Tasks will support you.

Enable your staff to prioritise their workload, and never miss a key process step with Insight Legal Enterprise’s comprehensive Tasks functionality.


How can Enterprise Tasks help your business?

Not all tasks on a matter should be completed by the fee earner responsible and no person can be expected to keep every task, action and reminder in their heads.

This is why Insight Legal Enterprise contains sophisticated task management functionality to achieve the perfect balance of automatically triggered actions and reminders, alongside the flexibility to create ad hoc tasks where they are needed.

Effective time management is about maximising every minute of your working day and eradicating wastage. That’s what our Tasks feature facilitates by operating as a fully considered and prioritised to-do list, defining actions and reminders throughout the life of a case, and assigning to individuals or teams with supervisory controls throughout.

  • Set repeatable or ad hoc tasks for matter and time management at its finest
  • Utilise your time better to boost fee earning capacity and cut down on ‘dead’ time
  • Create tasks for self and others as part of defined workflow phases to become super organised
  • Use our tasks feature as an active to-do list and increase your day-to-day efficiency
  • View tasks with all of your other important case details effortlessly from one central location
  • Prescribe multiple conditions including ‘and’ and ‘or’ triggers to tasks for case workflow at its very best
  • With team-level allocation and sharing of tasks, remove worries about staff absence as cover-by-a-colleague is guaranteed
  • There’s an automatically generated task audit log with time stamps to improve supervisory processes
  • Run reports on past, current and future tasks for business insights on team and individual performance



data migration

Data Migration

For a practice choosing a new system, it is imperative that data from the old system can be brought forward to the new one. We are experts in data migration from over 40 different systems.

Project Management

Insight Legal is an award-winning software solution, supported by a dedicated team of people on hand to work alongside you to plan a bespoke transition according to your exact needs.


Our Training is designed around the needs of your people and practice. Training doesn’t stop after the implementation phase – it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

Platform and Deployment

Firms can choose between storing data entirely on premise, in the cloud or a mixture of both. This combination of apps and flexible deployment means users have a responsive, easy to use system.


Many software companies charge an additional fee for their support service on top of the licence cost. With Insight Legal, software support is included in the price that you pay.


Many software companies charge an additional fee for their support service on top of the licence cost. With Insight Legal, software support is included in the price that you pay.


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