Highly Flexible Deployment

The Insight Legal Practice Management System is made up of a number of Applications and Mobile apps which combine to provide an extremely flexible solution to meet the needs of practices.

The main part of the Insight Legal Software is a Microsoft Windows application. Being a Windows application, it allows a much more responsive user experience and the capability to multi-task. This is an invaluable function when you might be required to produce a report, complete a bank reconciliation and also answer questions about a matter ledger. Being a Windows Application also means that it is considerably easier to integrate with other applications such as Microsoft Office, Forms packages, etc.

What sets the Insight Legal System apart from other systems is the flexibility in deployment. All of the Apps (Windows, Android and iOS) have been designed to be cloud enabled. This means that Insight can run as a completely cloud based system, on premise or as a combination of both. This flexibility allows firms to tailor their Practice Management Software to meet their specific needs both now and in the future.