What is legal project management software?

Friday 6 January, 2023

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Insight Legal What is Legal Project Management Software

More and more law firms are choosing to install legal management software such as Insight Legal to manage workflow and make their operations more efficient. But if you’re not familiar with the technology here’s what you should know.

What is legal project management software?

Legal project management is a system tailored to an individual firm to streamline all its processes. The software helps to manage everything from cases to contacts to time tracking to accounting by storing all information in one secure location, whether that’s a secure local server, a cloud-based system, or a combination of both.

This means all staff have quick access to the most up-to-date information. Administrative tasks can be completed more easily and the likelihood of errors and omissions is greatly reduced. It’s not hard to see then why so many firms are choosing to implement this software. But how do you know if it’s right for you?

Flexible and scalable

Legal project management software isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our software for solicitors can be scaled to fit your company. It is a bespoke system that takes into account factors such as the work patterns of your staff. Here are a few benefits:

  • Unify remote and hybrid working
  • Increase productivity on non-billable work such as invoicing and collecting payments
  • Easily organise and collate caseloads
  • Clearly communicate and meet deadlines
  • Client portals ensure you stay on top of all correspondence.


Accessible anywhere

In addition to the traditional on-premises software systems used by law firms, the latest wave of cloud-based legal management software can be accessed anywhere from the courtroom to a home office. This next-generation solution is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a popular proposition for busy legal professionals who may have found previous systems slow and confusing. Cloud-based software also has the added benefit of being compatible with different operating systems – including mobile devices. This makes it well suited to the requirements of a diverse, often remote, workforce.

How secure is legal management software? 

Data security is paramount at any law firm. Choosing cloud-based management software gives you and your clients confidence that sensitive information is being kept safe. It offers a strong back-up system by storing data in several locations protected by highly advanced security measures. But whether cloud-based on installed locally, it’s essential to pick legal management software that can be trusted on matters such as GDPR compliance and data processing.

Insight Legal’s platform and deployment is backed by Microsoft Azure and implements data protection and encryption on multiple levels.

The importance of compliance in legal software 

It can be a full-time job keeping up to date with the various rules by which law firms must comply. Compliance requirements include proper conflict checks, the correct handling of client money and submitting quarterly VAT returns and even with the sharpest staff things can sometimes slip through the net. Legal software management provides all the reports and monitoring needed to flag any breaches. It also offers checks and warnings when completing a financial posting and is compliant with the latest HMRC requirements for submitting quarterly VAT returns as well as digital record keeping.

Our Chief Product Officer, Deborah Witkiss was invited to look at the challenges and offer practical examples of how you can effectively balance trust vs control.  She also looked into:

  • the practicalities of how to bridge the supervisory gap that may exist when staff are not working in the same location, and in particular how technology can assist,
  • the workings of the finance department, and how a COFA or other managers can be proactive in ensuring compliance,
  • practical examples of systems, processes and procedures that encourage effective law firm management, without taking away from fee earning time.


How to implement and migrate your legal software

By choosing Insight Legal Software you can be assured that your new software will be installed without a hitch. We manage the implementation and go-live process ourselves to provide a seamless transition, including a dedicated project manager to ensure your expectations are met and that the system is introduced on time and to the budget agreed.

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