Quaestor to Insight Legal Data Migration

If you use Quaestor, we are able to provide a complete data migration to the Insight Legal System.

To arrange a trial run, get in touch and send us a backup of your database. We will then take this data and run it through our Quaestor conversion program. Once we have completed the initial trial conversion process, we will install the Insight system with a copy of your converted Quaestor data so you are able to see exactly how the conversion works and check all of the details. If any modifications are required to such things as departments, fee earner codes, matter types etc. these can all be agreed prior to the live conversion.

During the live conversion, you can continue to use the Quaestor system if you so choose. If you choose to do this, then you will need to redo any transactions that have been posted or clients and matters that have been created in Insight Legal when you have the live system installed.

To properly provide you details with the scope and extent of the data conversion that is possible, we will perform a trial run migration prior to the live conversion.

A conversion from Quaestor will usually include all of the following data;

  • Clients
  • Matters
  • Matter Types
  • Introducer Codes
  • Banks
  • Fee Earners
  • Accounting Periods
  • VAT Rates
  • Client/Matter Ledgers
  • Time Recording
  • Nominal Ledgers
  • Nominal Ledger Transactions
  • VAT Entries
  • Bank Transactions

When you’re dealing with the experts, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t need to be a hassle.