Our Values

We are focused on maintaining our core values of being honest, proudly independent, friendly and approachable for customers and ensuring a customer centric approach.

Insight Legal Software Values


We pride ourselves on our honesty. No tricks, no hidden conditions or nasty surprises. Our contracts give customers the choice to leave without being bound to lengthy notice periods. Even if your agreement ends with us, we will give you access to your full database. We are easy to move to and easy to move from – that’s a promise.

Insight Legal Software Values

Proudly Independent

Our work is our own. We are proudly independent and not influenced and pressured by a parent company. Our owners are still the everyday faces of our business and this allows us to focus our decisions based on what is right for the customer, not for hitting metrics set for the team.

Insight Legal Software Values


In a competitive industry, we are constantly striving to be the best we can be. We are agile, growing fast and dedicated to constantly enhancing our products. We continue to raise our standards to outshine on service and give every customer the support they need.

Insight Legal Software Values


Rest assured that with us, your legal software is in the hands of industry experts. Our Executives have over 80 years Legal software combined experience. Our specialist team has been handpicked to ensure we have the best people on board, who our customers can trust.

Insight Legal Software Values

Customer Focused

Everything we do is to make the lives of our customers just that bit easier, therefore we value our customers and we listen to them. We feedback what we learn into our solution to meet every need and help our customers work efficiently. As the Institute of Legal Finance & Management Solicitors’ Software Users Award winners four years running, we’re on the right track.

Insight Legal Software Values

Friendly and Approachable

Support is the heart of our business and we always want to hear from our customers. Ask our team of friendly experts anything and know that they will be on hand and ready to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. Have a question? Even stop by and see us at one of our offices – our door is open!