Indigo to Insight Legal Data Migration

If you use Indigo, we are able to provide a complete data migration to the Insight Legal System.

We have performed a number of highly successful data conversions from the Indigo system and would be happy to put you in touch with a number of our users who previously used Indigo.

The conversion process will include a trial run so you can be sure of what can be converted and how it will look in the Insight Legal System.

Once you are happy with the conversion and any adjustments that are required to things like departments and matter type codes have been agreed, we can arrange a time for the live conversion to take place. The Live conversion will typically take three days to complete. As part of the live conversion we will check all balances against a variety of reports produced in Indigo prior to the data being backed up and delivered to us here.

During the live conversion, you can continue to use the Indigo system if you so choose. If you choose to do this, then you will need to redo any transactions that have been posted or clients and matters that have been created in Insight Legal when you have the live system installed.

A conversion from Indigo will include all of the following data;

  • Clients
  • Matters
  • Matter Types
  • Introducer Codes
  • Banks
  • Fee Earners
  • Accounting Periods
  • VAT Rates
  • Client/Matter Ledgers
  • Time Recording
  • Nominal Ledgers
  • Nominal Ledger Transactions
  • VAT Entries
  • Bank Transactions

Indigo can store document history. If this is something you have in your system, we will migrate the documents and email history from Indigo and liaise with your networking partners where necessary to minimise the impact and downtime that might be caused.

When you’re dealing with the experts, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t need to be a hassle.