AlphaLAW-Vantage to Insight Legal Data Migration

If you use AlphaLAW Vantage, we are able to provide a complete data migration to the Insight Legal System.

AlphaLAW Vantage was originally developed by AlphaLAW in the late 1990s. It was intended to be a multi-user system and a natural upgrade from the AlphaLAW Net system. The initial installations utilised the same Microsoft Access database as the smaller AlphaLAW esprit system.  Following the release of SQL Server 7, the database used by AlphaLAW Vantage was upgraded from Microsoft Access to a more robust SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is far better suited to larger multi-user installations. In 2008 the AlphaLAW company was acquired by IRIS Legal, who in turn were bought out by Advanced Computer Software Group in 2013.

AlphaLAW Vantage was installed in nearly 500 firms which makes it one of the UK’s most successful Legal Practice Management systems. It is now considered to be a legacy system and many of the firms that used it have moved on to more contemporary products.

We have already performed a good number of highly successful data conversions from the AlphaLAW Vantage system and would be happy to put you in touch with a number of our users who previously used AlphaLAW Vantage.

The migration will be the complete conversion of all the data in AlphaLAW Vantage to the Insight Legal System.

Once converted all of the data that was in AlphaLAW Vantage will be reproduced in the same way in Insight Legal. This means that bills issued in AlphaLAW can be paid as bills in Insight Legal, and disbursements recorded in AlphaLAW can be paid or billed in Insight Legal.

A typical conversion from AlphaLAW Vantage will include all of the following data;

  • Clients – all names and addresses
  • Matters
  • Matter Types
  • Introducer Codes
  • Banks
  • Fee Earners
  • Accounting Periods
  • VAT Rates
  • Client/Matter Ledgers
  • Time Recording including all Time Recording Activities and Charge Rates
  • Nominal Ledgers
  • Nominal Ledger Transactions
  • Previous Years Nominal Ledger History
  • VAT Entries
  • Bank Transactions- including bank reconciliation information
  • Purchase Ledger Suppliers
  • Purchase Ledger Invoices and Payments
  • Additional Contacts
  • Notes
  • Email History
  • Documents
  • Attendance Notes
  • Document Registers
  • Extended Client and Matter Data

If you use the document production capabilities of AlphaLAW Vantage, the document templates will need to be manually modified to work with Insight. We would be happy to show you how to do this or even quote for doing it ourselves if you would rather.

Unless you have a particularly complex set of data or requirements, it may not be necessary to perform a trial-run conversion. However, we are always happy to do a trial run, especially if there are any concerns or, if you would simply like to see how the data looks in Insight. If everything is okay with the trial conversion, we can then schedule a go-live date. The live conversion will often take place immediately following a month’s end.

Depending on the size of the database and any other complexities (such as email and document migration), the conversion process takes from one to three days. During this time, you and your staff can be trained on Insight Legal. Training will take place using either dummy data or the data from the conversion trial run.

Once the conversion is completed, the new database will be installed and you and your staff can start working on the new system straight away.

When you’re dealing with the experts, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t need to be a hassle.