The staff training every law firm needs to invest in

Friday 23 September, 2022

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Businesses that invest in their staff get the reward from their investment. For many law firms, staff are there to do their job, and any development that they do should be on their own time and with their own money. But increasingly, the law firms that are choosing to provide greater levels of staff training are seeing success from it.

What we’re not talking about here is legal training. Legal study and gaining qualifications for official parts of the business is, of course, a vital practice for the staff of any law firm – but every legal business is different, with specific focuses and niche market areas. Deciding on the legal qualifications your law firm needs is completely down to what you need specifically.

The staff training we are talking about here are the tertiary skills that every company needs to survive, but might not be an obvious part of their day-to-day roles.  They might involve soft skills or relate to the kind of issues that are important to the firm, but not anything to do with legal or client matters.

Here we take a look at the staff training that every law firm could do with investing in to ensure their staff are as productive, effective, and safe as possible.

Ongoing cybersecurity guidance

Cybersecurity is something that every law firm needs to take very seriously. Law firms are undoubtedly increasingly a target for criminals due to the fact that they handle a significant amount of private data, as well as being involved in significant financial transactions. This makes legal businesses and solicitors a valuable target from the perspective of a cybercriminal.

Some businesses provide a little cybersecurity guidance for staff – perhaps suggesting the use of a strong password on their account. However, modern cybercriminals use a broad array of ever-changing tactics. As such, cybersecurity training is only effective if it is regularly updated to help staff understand current risks.

Full training for the software you use

For many legal firms, specific legal software is becoming an essential part of everything that they do. Whether that’s legal accounts software or an internal practice management system, these legal-profession specific apps make it much easier for businesses to operate and offer the best efficiency and productivity benefits for staff.

But your team can only access these benefits if they understand how to make the most of the software. Your team should be given full training on any software that you want them to make use of.

Client relationship development

One of the most underrated aspects of managing a successful law firm is managing client relationships. Keeping a client happy is something that every business needs to put focus on, and this is no different for solicitors and legal firms.

It could be a great idea to prioritise the use of case management software in order to allow clients to follow and track their case.

Customer service training

It is a great idea to ensure that every member of your team understands how to provide great customer service. Once again this is an element of running a law firm that some owners assume will just happens naturally. But this is something you need to provide your team with training on, to ensure they are always servicing clients correctly.

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