How to Start Your Own Law Firm

Thursday 1 October, 2020

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Starting your own law firm can be a daunting, as well as an exciting, prospect.

Startups – Starting your own law firm can be a daunting, as well as an exciting, prospect.

Law is not just a profession, it is also a business. As well as meeting the rules and requirements of your governing Law Society, the SRA (if applicable) and HMRC, you will of course want to make sure that your new startup business is successful.

It may be that you are starting your own firm as a sole practitioner or perhaps with a number of colleagues. Whatever type of start-up firm you are or where you are based, Insight Legal is perfectly designed to make sure you hit the ground running.

How to start your own law firm as a sole practitioner

If you are already practising in law then you will have undoubtedly been responsible for managing your own caseload, but managing a business involves so much more. From making an application to the SRA or your governing Law Society to arranging your professional indemnity insurance, from budgeting and cashflow to recruiting and monitoring staff, there’s a whole raft of things a startup firm needs to consider.

The good news is that Insight Legal can help with much of this. We regularly deal with sole practitioners and new start-up law firms who are finding their feet.Our implementation support service is second to none. From the moment you decide to go ahead with Insight Legal, we offer help and advice on how to structure your system to meet all your requirements. Our training is not just about pressing buttons and how the software works, it’s about working with you to make sure you and your startup firm get the most from it.

Law firm start-up costs you should expect

We understand that, for any startup business, costs and cashflow are of utmost importance. In a legal business, you not only have to deal with managing your own finances but also the finances of your client files. Insight Legal will help you to manage all of this.

Not only that, but our own pricing structures mean that you can use the software without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, there is no installation charge and no upfront software cost.

A single user licence for Insight Legal costs from just £54.00 per month for an annual contract and £59.00 per month for a rolling monthly contract. That’s it. There are no installation fees, no project management charges and no licence purchase costs. Additional users can be added from just £32.00 per month on an annual contract and £35.00 per month on a rolling monthly contract, but you can do that as and when you’re ready. If you are on the rolling monthly contract you can even decrease your number of users at any time, so you will never be paying for licences that you’re not using.

Managing the Uncertainties

We understand that there is always uncertainty with a new business.

You will of course have completed your business plans and projections, but it’s only when you actually start that you will know whether it’s all working out as you hoped!

We know that there will be many demands on your time and your money, which is why we have designed both our software and our pricing structures to help.

We don’t work on the basis of modules or add-ons, so when you start using Insight Legal you have access to all the functionality. You will never have to pay extra if you decide to start time recording or take on case management.

For firms starting out on a monthly contract, if you find that, for any reason, the package isn’t suitable or you need something different then you can walk away with only 30 days’ notice.

Even when you are up and running on the software, if you find that your requirements change then you do not have to be tied in long term. Whilst many software suppliers ask you to commit for a minimum term from 18 months to 5 years, we give you the option of either a 12 month contract or a 30-day rolling contract with no minimum term, so if you ever need to stop using the software then you can do so after just a short notice period.

On a rolling monthly contract you can increase or decrease your users at any time, and because we don’t charge any licence purchase fees upfront, you will never be paying for something that you don’t use.

Why Insight Legal is the Right Choice for a Startup Law Firm or a Sole Practitioner Solicitor

  • No financial commitment and no software purchase costs, just a low monthly fee
  • No hidden surprises, all functionality is included so there are no additional costs later
  • Comprehensive training and support service to make sure you get the most from your software
  • Simple functionality that you can use straight out of the box or customise further if you wish
  • Absolutely certainty that we are committed to your success