How law firms can go paperless

Wednesday 24 August, 2022

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Case Management

There are several good reasons that law firms are choosing to go paperless: it is better for the environment, it can modernise your business and it can even help to make your team more productive.

But if your business is used to paper copies and physical documentation it can feel like a big change and an arduous process to turn this idea into reality.

In this blog, we take a look at what your law firm can do to make an easy transition to a paperless office.

Manage your cases with legal software

There are many law firms that are still managing all their legal cases via physical paperwork. Whether this is simply the traditional way that the business has operated, or it has been assumed as the only way of working, these sorts of legacy systems are surprisingly commonplace.

If you are thinking of making the move to a paperless office, you will need a new way to manage your cases without paper. The most effective way of doing this is by using case management software. All the details of the case are tracked in software specifically designed for legal cases. So not only does this result in a paper-free office, but it can also significantly improve productivity.

Automate payment invoicing and processing

It may be the case that you currently manage all your invoicing and payment processing manually. Once again, this can be an extremely lengthy process that takes up a great deal of your staff’s admin time and relies on paper files to get everything done.

It is now possible to invest in process automation to allow invoicing and paying to be carried out automatically via software. This takes away any need to track any of the paperwork manually and ultimately means that you don’t need to have paper copies of invoices and bills in the office.

Embrace the cloud

It has never been easier to make use of the cloud. The cloud is the term for any remote server that can be used to store all your computer documentation. Rather than have servers in the office or paper files that can be moved around, the cloud allows you to access the data you need from anywhere in the world.

With more staff working remotely and flexibly it can be extremely valuable to work with a cloud system.

Provide training to staff (and explain the benefits)

Sometimes it is not so much that the process is too difficult, but rather that staff are used to working one way and are resistant to change. This is an important aspect to factor into any change to a paperless workplace.

It is a great idea to be as open and honest about the process with your team as possible. You should provide them with training to help them understand what is expected of them under the new way of working. Not only should this training offer insight into what they need to do, it should also cover exactly why the change must be made and look at the benefits of a paperless business.

Don’t forget cybersecurity

It should be mentioned that if you are going to move to a digitally based system and away from paper files, it is important to invest properly in your cybersecurity. With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated, any company that does most of its business digitally must put the appropriate defences in place.

If you are interested in taking steps towards becoming a paperless law firm, Insight Legal provides the kind of high-quality case management software that you will need. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team to learn more.