Five signs you need to change your legal software

Tuesday 20 September, 2022

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Legal software can be a huge benefit to a law firm. It can help your business run more efficiently and effectively, and lead to the company being more productive. But in some cases, law firms that use legal software find that for one reason or another, they simply aren’t getting along with it.

It might be that you are struggling to get the customer support you need, or simply that the software you currently have installed simply doesn’t get used by your employees, no matter how you’re your try to implement it. Having the wrong legal software can weaken your business and leave you in a position where you are struggling to compete with other firms.

In some cases, there will be signs that aren’t necessarily obvious that the software isn’t working to its full potential. In this blog, we’ll take a look at five signs that your business could do with changing up the legal software that you use. If you’ve noticed these five signs, it might be time for a change.

Sign #1: You still do a lot of work on paper

This is a very common issue. In spite of having legal software that can theoretically manage a huge range of different aspects of cases and business issues, law firms will still be carrying out a lot of their work on paper.

The issue here is that while the software is available, there is something that stops staff from using it to its full potential. This might be down to poor design or features that don’t match up with the day-to-day working experience of legal professionals.

Sign #2: Your current software is difficult to use and eats into productivity

Another common issue that the legal software is clunky and not the easiest to use. If you find that many simple tasks actually take a long time when you are having to manually enter details on the software, this could be a tell-tale sign.

Sign #3: You’ve grown and your current software can’t handle it

Legacy systems can be a massive problem. Your law firm may have had a piece of legal software for a very long time and the whole team has got used to working with it. You might then assume that your software is still working effectively.

However, if inefficiencies are starting to creep in, this could be the likely culprit. Some types of software are only designed for small law firms and can’t handle it when cases become more complicated, or this business structure changes.

Sign #4: The costs are going up without any real improvements

How do you feel about the cost of your legal software? Unfortunately, some providers will take advantage of their loyal customers by regularly raising the price of the software without actually providing any improvements to the system.

Sign #5: Multiple systems not connected

It may also be the case that you currently run multiple systems and these are not connected by your software. This can slow you down and stop you from being as productive as possible.


In any of these cases, a change in your legal software provider could be effective. At Insight Legal, we have created legal accounts, case management, and practice management software that is renowned as one of the easiest to use and most effective. Find out more about switching to Insight Legal by contacting us today.