20 weeks of COVID-19

Friday 7 August, 2020

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20 weeks of COVID-19

51 Law Firms go live with new Insight installations

The last few months have proved to be difficult times for many, and at Insight Legal we’ve been working really hard to support our customers, not just in their ongoing use of the software, but also with helping new firms to come on board. In fact, we’ve got a very good news story to tell…

Over the 20 week period of COVID-19 lockdown, we are delighted to report that we have seen a staggering 51 new law firms go live with Insight Legal!

Not only have we been able to deliver our previously scheduled projects as planned – subject to customer availability of course – but we have also welcomed on board new firms who have taken advantage of a quieter lockdown period to select and migrate to a new legal software solution.

It’s important to note that this is not just about installing software. All of these projects have included delivery of remote project management, online consultancy and webinar training, as well as many involving a complete data conversion and migration from other legal accounts and practice management systems.

As an agile technology company we’ve been used to delivering many of our services remotely, but with the challenges of lockdown, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved.

We’re also proud to say that our good news story doesn’t just extend to our new customers, but our existing customers too.

In the situation of lockdown enforced by COVID-19, working from home became an immediate necessity. Although most of our firms already take advantage of our cloud hosting, we quickly realised that our law firm customers who had opted for standalone or on premise server deployment could find themselves in a position where they no longer had access to their legal accounts and practice management software. This, of course, had significant knock-on effect for their business continuity and compliance, both in respect of their casework and their accounts.

Our own setup and our business continuity plan meant that all staff could switch to working from home overnight, with zero disruption to them and no interruption to customer service whatsoever, and we wanted to make sure that our customers were equally undisrupted.

We took the decision to immediately offer every firm a move to the cloud, free of charge, and also include free of charge cloud hosting for each firm’s Insight Legal database and documents – not just for the duration of lockdown, but for all the time they are our customer. Since the start of lockdown, we have now completed over 55 platform moves for our customers, and have been delighted to hear from our customers just how much this has helped them in these challenging times.

We’ve got many more projects in progress so we’re not stopping here, but we just wanted to pause and say –

Well done Team Insight!