Workflow Webinar – 17th March 2022

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Insight Workflow Webinar

How can Workflows optimise your law firm productivity?

The workflow capabilities of Insight Legal create a supportive and guiding framework for your law firm staff. A workflow ensures that tasks are set and completed when needed, that escalations happen as and when required, that actions are taken automatically where processes can be automated, and – importantly – that the right balance of flexibility and control is applied.

– Reduce delays by speeding up processes

– Automate actions where possible, using your time and expertise where it’s most needed

– Ensure the workflow path is clearly defined with Task actions for self and others, along with timely reminders

– Reduce risk by clearly defining actions and responsibilities, with in-built escalation processes to ensure compliance

– Effortlessly capture all time spent with automatic time recording as defined by you

– Maintain a complete electronic case file with no effort, as emails and documents automatically save instantly to matters

– Streamline outside processes such as ordering property searches, with inbuilt steps at the relevant point of a case

– Integrate all areas of the system for truly streamlined working, with legal forms, creation of diary appointments, posting requests and much more, all available as workflow steps

– Ensure staff have the relevant guidance and all the necessary tools at their fingertips, even when working remotely

Workflow Webinar Speakers

Josh Dhaliwal
Josh Dhaliwal

Head of Sales at Insight Legal

With 25 years of experience in Sales and the last 8 years gained in software solutions, Josh is passionate about delivering excellence and believes that the role of the modern software firm is to work closely with the client to help them make informed and educated decisions about the right solution, to help them succeed.

Andy Butler
Andrew Butler

Business Development Manager at Insight Legal

Andy is an experienced salesperson with a demonstrated history of working in the legal & SaaS industry. Highly focused with an interest in providing clients with a solution that will benefit them and their practice. Andrew also has a background in software support and training with Insight Legal and therefore really does know the software and how it meets our customers needs.

Simon Emery
Simon Emery

Workflow Implementation Consultant at Insight Legal

Simon is an accomplished Implementation Manager with experience in programme and project roll out, business development and staff leadership.

His skills lie in helping to nurture and grow businesses through the evaluation of opportunities and risks and also how deliver innovative new solutions to challenges. With excellent client facing skills Simon is highly successful in helping define company direction, achieving goals and optimising business at all levels.