Time Recording Webinar – 12th November 2021

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Legal Time Recording Software

Is Time Recording Time Well Spent?

When asked as to whether a firm’s fee earners time record, the most common answer given is ‘most of the work we do is fixed fee’.

With more and more work being charged on a fixed fee basis, this has led fee earners to question whether it is still necessary to record their time.

This is missing the fundamental point about time recording, which is to record the cost of what you are doing. Time recording is just as important with fixed fees because once the fee is fixed, the only variable that can affect the profitability of the work is the cost of carrying out that work, which you cannot know unless time is properly recorded.

This webinar is suitable for;

– Practice Managers, Solicitors, Partners, Support Staff, in fact anyone who works within a law firm

We will discuss;

– Do your fee earners value their own time?

– How analysing time recording can be used to ascertain KPIs and the profitability of your work

– 4 ways to time record with Insight Legal

Time Recording Webinar Speakers

Josh Dhaliwal

Head of Sales at Insight Legal

With 25 years of experience in Sales and the last 8 years gained in software solutions, Josh is passionate about delivering excellence and believes that the role of the modern software firm is to work closely with the client to help them make informed and educated decisions about the right solution, to help them succeed.

Andy Butler

Business Development Manager at Insight Legal

Andy is an experienced salesperson with a demonstrated history of working in the legal & SaaS industry. Highly focused with an interest in providing clients with a solution that will benefit them and their practice. Andrew also has a background in software support and training with Insight Legal and therefore really does know the software and how it meets our customers needs.