The Law Society Price Transparency Webinar – 14th December 2021

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This webinar is being held in partnership with The Law Society on Tuesday 14th December 2021

As a strategic partner of The Law Society our Chief Operating Officer, Deborah Witkiss will be joined by a nationally recognised expert and book author – Paul Bennett, Partner, Bennett Briegal LLP, at this forthcoming webinar.

They will delve into the subject of how to set your fees accurately by understanding exactly what goes in to your service delivery, with the focus not on how to display your pricing information, but how to make sure that the information you are displaying is attractive to potential clients as well as being right for your business.

Attending the webinar will provide you with insights into:

  • How to understand what your service delivery costs, so that your pricing can be set effectively,
  • The importance of the big picture – considering your business overheads alongside your service delivery costs,
  • How to use your practice management system to gather and analyse this information,
  • How to ensure that compliance with price transparency supports your business and doesn’t turn in to a ‘race to the bottom’ in competing on price.

Book DemoPrice Transparency – Calculating and controlling your true costs

This webinar was held in partnership with The Law Society on Tuesday 14th December 2021

The recording and presentation are available on this link