Advanced Legal Accounting Webinar – 14th December 2021

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Advanced Legal Accounts Webinar

Advanced Legal Accounting: Automation & Integrations

The drive by law firms to reduce reliance on paper files has left some accounts departments firmly embedded in the past. Payment request slips, printed bank statements – many finance functions are slowed by the reliance on manual processes and paper trails.

Any delays within your accounts department will have a knock-on effect to the rest of your business. If incoming funds are not noted immediately then completions and settlements can be delayed. And if accounts are not reconciled and compliance procedures not completed on time then partners and managers will be denied vital financial management information, as well as the obvious compliance risks.

In any law firm time is the most valuable asset and as technology has evolved so has the efficiency with which you can process and administer your legal accounts, track billable time, reconcile your bank accounts and take payments from your clients.

In this Advanced Accounts webinar, we’ll look at some of the integrations and automations that remove some of the pain of running an accounts department whilst ensuring you remain compliant and with a complete audit trail of transactions.

We will discuss;

• Integrate your online bank statements with your bank reconciliation. Where details match, your postings and transactions are reconciled automatically in just a matter of seconds

• Automate the posting of bank transactions for easy allocation to the relevant ledgers

• Incorporate Payment Links to ensure that clients pay you the right amount, in to the right bank, from any place, at any time


This webinar is suitable for;

– Practice Managers, Solicitors, Partners, Finance Managers and Legal Accounts Staff

Advanced Legal Accounting Webinar Speakers

Josh Dhaliwal

Head of Sales at Insight Legal

With 25 years of experience in Sales and the last 8 years gained in software solutions, Josh is passionate about delivering excellence and believes that the role of the modern software firm is to work closely with the client to help them make informed and educated decisions about the right solution, to help them succeed.

Deborah Witkiss

Chief Operating Officer at Insight Legal

Deborah moved in to legal software 15 years ago, training and supporting law firms in their use of technology as well as teaching solicitors about dealing with their accounts and managing their practices. Deborah then joined Insight Legal in 2012 and is the company’s Professional Services Director, being responsible for customer support, training and project delivery. She is also a member of the Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM).