Family Law Consultancy Case Study

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Insight Legal’s real-time, feature-rich software and relationship chemistry wins over Family Law Consultancy

Family Law Consultancy provides comprehensive divorce and family law services to private clients across Norfolk, extending its reach to individuals throughout the UK with its contemporary online service options.

The Law Firm

Keen to differentiate from its process-driven competitors, Family Law Consultancy strives to maintain high professional standards, provide close personal care and offer cost-effective services. For this purpose, its staff and technology are the business’s cornerstones.

Rosemary Mitchell, Accounts Manager at Family Law Consultancy, comments:

“Technical provision is pivotal to our success. In order to perform at their best, staff at every level need intuitive software tools to support them in their daily tasks.
With the right software in place, we’re able to deliver exceptional services on a clear fixed-fee basis and retain a high standard of quality which we believe sets us apart from other legal providers.
“We consider ourselves innovative with our range of online services. These web-accessed offerings are further evidence of the importance of technology to our practice.”

The Requirements

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As a remote worker, Rosemary operates partly from her home office in north Manchester and partly on site at the practice’s Norwich premises.

Formerly, Family Law Consultancy was using a hosted solution for case and account management which was considered expensive with acute functionality limitations.

Rosemary continues:
“Because I have such flexible working patterns, moving between two locations spread 190 miles apart, our software has to be flexible too. Previously, it wasn’t.

“Frustratingly, I was constantly wasting time waiting for the system to update itself following postings. It was glaringly evident that a real-time system was what we needed to bring control back in house.

“Also, despite some serious shortfalls in the software, it was costly. Clearly, it was time to switch.”

The Solution

In Family Law Consultancy’s search for a replacement case and accounts management system, it came across Insight Legal’s complete practice management software.

Recognising that modern practices require more flexibility from their computer systems than ever before, Insight Legal Software is built using the very latest technologies which allows local or cloud hosting for remote connectivity.

Extensive features include legal accounting, case workflow, time recording and management reporting, catering for every role in practice.
Rosemary adds:

“In our search for a substitution, we dabbled with lots of suppliers. Interestingly, for a number of these, their solutions were distinctly average and we would have incurred even heavier costs.

“Then we discovered Insight. A phone interview, webcast demonstration and negotiation later, we purchased Insight Legal Software. We were gobsmacked by its feature set. It can do all the things we’ve craved for a long time. And, it was substantially lower priced. It was almost too good to be true!”

The Results

Following data migration from its old application to Insight Legal Software and a day’s end-user training, Family Law Consultancy went live with the new system in April 2014.

Describing the benefits achieved in the software replacement, Rosemary explains:

“Insight has brought so many improvements. First and foremost, we’re more joined up as a business. Now, it doesn’t matter if I’m in Manchester or Norwich, as long as I’ve got the internet, I can log in to our cloud-stored system.

“Sharing of information and real-time updating was our main priority, and we’ve achieved this, giving us total control over our ledgers and matters. No more hanging around time wasting!

“Additionally, generated reports present an instant snapshot of our business and bills produced are fully accurate.

“As a management accountant, cost was another major factor for me. We’re easily saving over £4,000 per year. It’s worth noting that Insight charge per user, not per device, so it perfectly suits our set-up as staff can work from different locations without extra charges. Reducing our overheads helps to sustain fixed-fee service provision which our clients value.

“We chose to be skimpy on training but, even with just one day’s training time, this was more than sufficient because the system’s so easy to use.

“An extremely pleasing outcome of the upgrade is back-up support. The team at Insight really know their stuff and nothing’s too much to ask. There’s a genuine chemistry between us. This level of support is second to none!”

Asked if she’d recommend Insight Legal Software to other small to medium sized law firms, Rosemary concludes:

“We’re absolutely delighted with the software and Insight’s support is amazing. Other firms could also easily replicate the financial and efficiency advantages we’ve experienced.” 

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