Dobbs & Drew Case Study

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The Law Firm

Startup Law firm Dobbs & Drew delivers increased cost efficiency with ‘user-friendly’ Insight Legal Software

Dobbs & Drew is a Property Law firm specialising in Residential Conveyancing. Based in Gloucestershire, the firm aims to provide a first class legal service to all of its clients from its local Forest of Dean office.

Founded in March 2016 by Co-Directors Lisa Dobbs and Sue Drew, the firm helps clients to get the legal process right when moving property, offering services such as land and property searches, arranging contracts, exchanging funds and ensuring that the ownership of the property is clear throughout.
Its team of two practitioners is dedicated to helping clients to move house in a quick and hassle-free manner and providing ongoing support throughout the conveyancing process. To ensure these services are fulfilled, Dobbs & Drew sought to implement legal software that offered them extensive case and legal accounts management functions at reasonable cost and a user-friendly system to help the team deliver a quality service to its clients.

The Requirements

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Launching as a start up Law firm three years ago, Dobbs & Drew was seeking to drive maximum value at low cost in all areas of the business. This need to drive down company spend and improve operational efficiency transcended into Dobbs & Drew’s fast-developing infrastructure and became significant factors when the small team began its search for a legal software solution.

Lisa Dobbs, Director at Dobbs & Drew comments on the firm’s legal software requirements at the very early stages of its development: “When myself and my Co-Director decided to start up a new law firm, we knew that we needed to find a legal software system which was primarily cost-effective, but also wasn’t overly-complicated for us and our staff to install and get to grips with quickly. We both had experience of using other practice management systems previously, which had generally consisted of a high set-up cost and also lacked the features needed to handle legal accounts easily within the same solution as our case and practice management tasks.

“As a small business, we knew that having a limited software like this in place could prohibit our practitioners from handling client cases and accounts effectively and delivering the best service possible.”

We were therefore very conscious to weigh up cost, functionality and ease-of-use when determining which legal software was able to meet the needs of our staff and the expectations set for our clients.

The Solution

Insight Legal provides software which enables firms and their practitioners to complete daily case management, legal accounts and practice management duties through one centralised, user-friendly system. Offering a range of intelligent reporting and document generation and storage capabilities, the software is designed to alleviate much of the heavy-lifting associated with managing case files and accounts, helping users to improve productivity through greater operational efficiency.

In addition to its software, Insight Legal’s experienced team of industry practitioners also offers full training and support to each of its users, in order to educate them on the features available and help them to take advantage of the system in a way which best fits the needs of each individual firm.

“We were introduced to Insight Legal after the company’s Head of Training and Support Services, Deborah Edwards gave a training session at one of my mother’s businesses. After arranging a full demonstration of the software, we saw for ourselves just how simple its interface was to use and complete daily case and account management tasks”, Lisa commented.

“With time-saving also a huge priority for our small team, we found that Insight Legal’s system offered us the ability to manage all areas of our practice and legal accounts in one, accessible platform – a benefit that we realised we had missed out on with previous systems.”

The company fully implemented Insight Legal’s software in March 2016, adopting its full suite of case management, legal accounts and practice management solutions. “After seeing the system first-hand, we determined that Insight Legal offered us the tools we needed to perform many of our day-to-day activities effectively and reduce the time spent on completing tasks, such as generating reports.

“Although we do employ separate systems to manage specific areas such as stamp duty and completion statements on behalf of our clients, we knew that Insight Legal offered us an array of features at a very effective cost to the business and was ultimately the best fit for our practice and current position in the market. Additionally, the Insight Legal team also provided training and support throughout the installation process and beyond, which helped to get our team up to speed with the software quickly.”

The Results

As a small team, providing excellent client services and managing every stage of a case in good time was essential to Dobbs & Drew’s early growth. Selecting Insight Legal as its primary legal software provider has allowed them to work towards delivering on these demands and drive maximum value across their practice, through greater ease of use and the time savings made by its staff members as a result.

“Since taking the decision to introduce Insight Legal’s system across our firm, we have seen a remarkable reduction in the amount of time it takes to carry out standard practice duties. This is purely down to the simplicity of being able to handle both our accounts and case management in one, extremely user-friendly system. With the software in place, jobs such as managing client funds and generating financial reports can be completed swiftly and with minimal complications, improving the productivity of our staff and ultimately the satisfaction of our clients.

“Providing us with an inexpensive set of tools to work effectively has also enabled us to reduce the firm’s monthly outgoings and we now are able to invest in the software for every member of staff, which we hadn’t been able to do before with other, more costly platforms. The support Insight Legal’s system offers us on a daily basis is also incomparable. As a result, we’re now looking to continue driving the return on our investment, by leveraging other elements we have been overlooked to date – simply due to the nature of our small, growing practice.”

“Insight Legal has been fundamental to our efforts to save time and costs across our practice, and will continue to play a huge role in enabling our team of experts to achieve our aim of a first class legal service for every client, both now and in the future.”

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