Client and Office Ledger

Client and Office Ledger

Being a system specifically designed for Legal Accounts, Insight Legal comprehensively deals with client and matter accounting. There are separate sections on the ledger for client, office and deposit accounts but they all reside within one client ledger, meaning you can easily view and manage all the different transactions that take place.

On the ledger, all transactions are listed in date order with a full history of debits and credits as well as a running balance. The totals for each account are summarised on a Financial Summary tab alongside other useful information such as the costs quote, the value of unbilled disbursements and the date the matter was last billed.

On the ledger itself, you can click on any transaction and see further details such as when it was posted, which other accounts or ledgers it affects and whether or not it has cleared the bank.

In addition to a full ledger card for each matter, Insight Legal provides a large amount of drill down information. There are additional tabs for items such as bills, allowing you to see easily and in one place what bills have been issued, any payments made against them, the allocation of costs between fee earners and also the bill’s current status. The same applies for disbursements, where you can see all disbursements incurred, whether or not they have been paid out and whether or not they have been billed.

There are a large number of posting routines built in to Insight Legal, including general debits and credits to any part of the ledger, transfers, disbursements, bills and bill payments.