Insight Legal is very excited to unveil the next generation of our business, beginning with today’s launch of our brand new company look and website.

Legal Software has evolved drastically over the last few years and we have continually developed with the changing tides of the industry. Over the last eight years, our team of industry specialists have been dedicated to providing Solicitors with the tools they need to make the management of their practice and legal accounts just that little bit easier.

By placing our customers’ needs at the very heart of our business, we have been able to build both a product and support system which meets these needs and as a result, celebrate continued success along the way. With 600 law firms now using our software, we are growing fast and committed to continuously improving our service, as we enter the next phase in the evolution of Legal Software.

With our refreshing new look, we not only recognise our growth and support of our customers to date, but also look ahead to some very exciting changes soon to take place across our own business.  As we look to a more digital future, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve as we continue to enhance our own suite of products to provide firms with the innovative solutions needed to manage their ever-growing caseloads quickly and effectively.

Throughout this period of change, we also debut our affirmed Company Values.   At Insight Legal, our mantra is honesty and we want to be both the friendly and trusted partner that legal practitioners need to drive maximum value from their legal software. As ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award  winners three years running, we’re on the right track.

Yet, despite our growth we remain proudly independent and our owners will still be the everyday faces of our business. As a result, we will continue to raise our standards to outshine on service and give every customer the support they need.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Welsh, Managing Director at Insight Legal said: “We are delighted to unveil  the new and improved Insight Legal. Innovation across the legal software industry is moving faster than ever before as law firms increasingly require systems which enable fast and simple  management across all areas of their practice. We are committed to using our growth and expertise to keep pushing the envelope and build solutions which support the future needs of our customers today.”