Insight Legal has expanded and is set to create jobs and increase its share of the Scottish market as it has now opened its first office north of the border.

After much planning and processing we have also launched a Scottish version of our software product, that meets the needs of the Scottish legal community.

Investing in a Scottish base has long been an ambition for Insight Legal and our success across the rest of the UK has helped it become a reality.

Brian Welsh, Insight Legal’s director of operations and sales and a veteran of the legal software sector, heads up the firm’s new Glasgow office and lead on its expansion.

He says: “We are committed to providing excellent service and customer care so it’s important that we have a dedicated office for the Scottish market. The needs of our customers will be influential in the development of the Scottish product and we are building a local team to provide training and support. Unlike our competitors we will be investing in Scotland and we look forward to becoming a much more active part of the Scottish legal community.”

The Law Society of Scotland has some quite different rules on how you handle client money than the Law Society of England and Wales, so our software has to be pretty different to cater for that.  When we developed our software we knew we would be moving into Scotland and we have recently filled in all the gaps so it handles the Scottish side of things too.”

Insight Legal is headquartered in Hampshire and we opened our first Northern Irish office in Belfast earlier this year. We employ 15 people across the business and plan to grow to 20 by summer 2018. More than 500 law firms across the UK use our specialist software.

Tim Smith, Insight Legal’s technical director, co-founded the business in 2011 with Deborah Edwards, support and training director. Our legal software helps SME firms to handle all areas of their business, from legal accounts and practice management to compliance and billing.

Tim and Deborah have more than four decades’ combined experience in the legal sector and founded Insight Legal after working together at AlphaLAW, which was later bought by IRIS.

Tim says: “When we launched Insight Legal, our primary goal was to create a system designed to meet the needs of small and medium firms at a price that fits their budgets. As the product has developed we have attracted a growing share of the UK legal software market. With our new offices in Glasgow and Belfast we are well placed to accelerate growth in customer numbers while continuing to offer local account contact and support.”

Aside to this exciting new development, in 2017 Insight Legal was also named winner of the Solicitors’ Software Users Award from the Institute of Finance and Management, for the second year running.  We are proud that our customers see Insight Legal as a valued partner, not just a software supplier.

We work closely with our customers to ensure the system meets their needs, both now and in the future. The in-house team of software engineers are constantly working on new features and functionality that have been requested by customers.