Insight Legal Software brings integrated, streamlined e-working to Wayman & Long Solicitors

Wayman & Long Solicitors is a growing, forward-thinking law firm, situated in two Suffolk towns, led by a client-focused Partner, Stephen Whiskin.

Facing the typical positional challenges of a multi-site practice and using diverse freestanding software for different business functions spurred Stephen to seek a sole all-purpose alternative. This wasn’t just for the benefit of his practice’s workforce; the ultimate aim was introducing efficiencies to improve service levels for clients.

Stephen’s search led him to Insight Legal’s inclusive practice management software.

The Law Firm

Wayman & Long Solicitors is a long-established, Clare and Sudbury-based practice which has provided legal advice to Suffolk and neighbouring counties since 1840.

Its friendly knowledgeable team of solicitors, paralegals and support staff are proud of the firm’s lengthy heritage and hard-earned reputation for quality service delivery which secures repeat and referral business from its loyal client base.

Equally important to Wayman & Long is the affordability of legal services making its comprehensive service offerings, which range from conveyancing to wills and probate, accessible by both private clients and businesses alike.

The Requirements

Previously, Wayman & Long was using disparate applications for legal accounting, case management and compliance monitoring. Related documentation was stored in printed format in filing cabinets.

As a twin site, a more coherent solution was needed to build closer links between its two locations and replace paper with electronic filing wherever possible.

Stephen Whiskin, Partner at Wayman & Long, explains:
“The various functions within our practice were using different software – accounts clerks, fee earners and compliance officers – which was no longer sufficient for purpose in the digital age.

“If any finance, matter or compliance-related queries arose, it meant interrupting the relevant staff member from the task at hand. Also, a primarily paper-based filing system would have eventually led to storage capacity issues.”

With streamlined e-working a priority, Wayman & Long reviewed Insight Legal’s renowned practice management software.

The Solution

Following demonstrations by several legal software suppliers, Wayman & Long chose Insight Legal’s practice management software.

The increased functionality available within Insight Legal gives feature-rich tools for every department including intuitive time recording, SRA-compliant accounting, real-time business reporting and organised case management. This has allowed Wayman & Long to migrate from independently operated systems to one integrated package.

Wayman & Long Solicitors is a growing, forward-thinking law firm, situated in two Suffolk towns, led by a client-focused Partner, Stephen Whiskin.

With unlimited data storage capabilities of documents, emails and attachments, Wayman & Long has upgraded its paper filing system with online archiving, thus reducing the requirement for hard copy file maintenance with obvious spacesaving advantages.

Utilising the latest technologies, Insight Legal has the facility for local or cloud deployment. So, by moving into the cloud, Wayman & Long’s employees are able to log into the system from anywhere which usefully connects its two offices together.
Another major asset of Insight Legal is data migration support and easy-to-use interface which has enabled Wayman & Long to switch over from its old software effortlessly and get up-and running quickly, with minimal training.

The Results

Implementing a single, offsite-hosted practice management system firm-wide has brought multiple benefits to Wayman & Long, as described by Stephen:

“At last, we’re a unified team with everyone given access to our statistics and files, whatever their role and wherever they’re based. A knock-on effect of this is mobile working.

“It’s removed the hierarchies of knowledge which existed before. Now, we’re all in the know because the information’s readily available to licensed users and, with no more annoying interruptions, our productivity’s increased.

“Last, but not least, there’s our carbon footprint. With collateral electronically archived, the bulky files have decreased in number, freeing up valuable room for other uses.

“The net result of these combined enhancements is better services for end clients whose cases we can progress more efficiently, speedily, flexibly and cost effectively, which keeps them coming back when the need for instruction arises.”

Commenting on the transfer from incumbent to Insight Legal’s software, Stephen concludes:

“We’re a busy firm and didn’t want to spend too much time on the changeover and subsequent familiarisation. But it was all so easy with Insight Legal’s support and straightforward software.”