KB Law – two law firms, one software solution

After scrutinising the legal software market in an earlier position, when it came to setting up as a sole practitioner, Kaushal Bhatt once again selected Insight Legal Software for management of his practice’s day-to-day operations and administering his legal accounts.

Kaushal now benefits from a quality product and unequalled support from a company with whom he’s developed strong relationships during the course of his occupation.

Kaushal’s a fervent advocate of Insight Legal Software.

The Law Firm

Kaushal Bhatt opened his new law firm serving commercial and private clients throughout the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead as well as nationwide, KB Law Solicitors, in late 2015.

Choosing his practice management software was a foregone conclusion.  Having gone through the lengthy procurement process only two years previous when Kaushal was a partner in his former practice, he was well aware of the available options and their accompanying pricing.  Also, he had hands-on experience of how impeccably the winning system, Insight Legal Software, operates in a bustling legal environment.

Therefore, Kaushal installed Insight Legal Software as a complete cloud solution for case management and legal accounts.

The Requirements

When Kaushal was preparing to launch KB Law Solicitors, his legal software requirements were pervasive functionality, flexible contract terms and all-inclusive support.

Having recently sourced software in his preceding role, Kaushal was fully conversant with vendors’ leading systems, features contained therein, payment structures and complementary back-up services.

Kaushal comments: “Before, when I analysed suppliers to the industry in depth, I found that the largest businesses amongst them are extraordinarily overpriced with lengthy tied-in contracts.  Plus, as one of many hundreds of clients, support is impersonal and mechanical.  We wanted better than this but without jeopardising software quality.

 “That’s exactly what you get with Insight.”

The Solution

For the second time in his career, Kaushal purchased licences for Insight Legal Software’s practice management system.

Kaushal adds: “First time round, I made an informed decision about Insight based on my extensive research findings.  So, second time round, it was a no brainer.   The software itself does everything I need it to and more besides.  Regular updates keep it current.

“In fact, by initially becoming an Insight client when the supplier was still in its infancy, I’ve been able to actively steer development in a positive way.

“It’s literally grown alongside my two businesses – past and current.

“Unlike its substitutes, Insight’s really flexible when it comes to costs.  I’m able to simply add or remove licences according to the number of staff on my payroll at any given point in time.

“Support is where Insight really excels.  I can phone Deborah, Tim and the team and get a response.  Instant resolution of queries is indispensable because, for the most part, I can’t wait for half an hour for a call back as tends to happen generally in the industry.  Longer in some cases.  Other suppliers just don’t offer Insight’s strength of service.”

The Results

Having received remote training on Insight Legal Software at the beginning in the practice he ran prior to KB Law Solicitors, Kaushal and other employees train new staff internally as and when they join.

Kaushal states: “I fully admit to my limitations in IT but, having had training that single time from Insight’s trainers, I’m more than capable of finding my way around the system and helping new recruits do the same.  This is testament to both the standard of Insight’s training and the software’s simplistic usability.

“The software’s brilliant, however, it’s Insight’s support that distinguishes it from all the rest.  I have one-to-one assistance with someone who knows me, knows my business and knows the answer to any question.  Or, if they don’t, they do everything in their power to find out.

“To give an example of this, for our year-end accounts, if our accountant requests tailored-type reports which we don’t know how to produce, I can ring Insight who’ll extract and forward instantly.  It’s such a responsive service.

“I’d recommend Insight to other law firms without a moment’s hesitation.  It’s worked for me perfectly before and again now.  I wouldn’t consider using anything else.”