Disenchanted Joe Mulholland & Company switches to Insight Legal for superior software, support and stability

Consolidation in the legal industry is resulting in fewer and larger software suppliers.  For law firms, this often means undeveloped and unsupported systems, and poorer service levels.

Unhappy with their existing provider for these very reasons, Joe Mulholland & Company Solicitors switched to Insight Legal Software.  They now enjoy all-round improvements to both software and back-up support.

The Law Firm

12-years-established Joe Mulholland & Company Solicitors has earned itself a coveted reputation as one of the best criminal defence firms in Northern Ireland.  Other service specialisms include civil litigation, administration of justice, family and matrimonial.

Offering 24-hour emergency consultancy, the practice’s employees work out of hours and out of the Downpatrick-based office.  Remote working is a must.  From a legal accounts perspective, Insight Legal Software is the platform that makes this happen.

The Requirements

Legal accounts software is a main component of any law firm’s infrastructure in order to get paid for work done, recover expenditure and comply with the SRA Accounts Rules.

Joe Mulholland & Company’s incumbent system, used since inception in 2004, had become stagnant due to lack of development.  Also, several changes in ownership of the software provider was both unsettling and confusing for the practice who never knew which individuals, or indeed company, they’d be dealing with from one week to the next.

Martina Rooney, Accounts Manager at Joe Mulholland & Company, explains: “With our previous supplier, we hadn’t received any software updates for a protracted period of time.  Without additions or enhancements, it had effectively become dormant.

“Added to this, a series of mergers and buy-outs meant that the company name and our key contacts were forever changing.  The personal touch which we so valued was lost.  It was time to change.”

The Solution

Martina had prior knowledge and dealings with two of the founding Directors of Insight Legal, Deborah Edwards and Tim Smith, so Insight’s reputation was well founded.  Following a demonstration of the legal accounts functionality and presentation of appended costs, Joe Mulholland & Company selected Insight Legal Software for its accounts department.

Martina adds: “We switched to Insight 2 years ago without regret.  The software’s much more modern-looking and it’s under constant development.  Being cloud hosted, the platform’s resilient but elastic.  This makes home and remote working possible, which is really beneficial for me as a freelancer operating from several bases.

“I knew I’d develop strong relationships with Deborah, Tim and the team.  They’re all so friendly and helpful.  Because I knew them both already, it felt familiar as well.  They’re easily and readily contactable when I need them.  This continuity is deeply reassuring.”

The Results

Having now used Insight Legal Software for a couple of years for legal accounts purposes, the SRA Accounts Rules-compliant system conveys assorted benefits to Joe Mulholland & Company.

Martina concludes: “Insight Legal is our perfect partner.  We’ve got better software, more flexible delivery and comprehensive support from a durable supplier, all for very similar costs.

“We can see auto-run updates when we log on, and can access wherever and whenever we like.  When we need to get in touch, we know who to contact and how to contact, plus that we’ll receive in-depth support when we do touch base.

“With Insight Legal, we’ve got the whole works for an affordable fee.”