James J Macaulay Solicitors makes both cost and efficiency savings by moving to Insight Legal

Northern Ireland- based practice, James J Macaulay Solicitors, moved from AlphaLAW to Insight Legal Software to better manage the accounts of its two offices.

Key benefits cited of the changeover include streamlined processes, accurate reporting, an easy- to-use interface, comprehensive support and competitive pricing.

In summary, a system far more suitable than its predecessor in terms of functionality, back-up and cost.

The Law Firm

James J Macaulay Solicitors is a 2-branch law firm located in Northern Ireland. To support the practice’s fee earners, back office personnel include two accounts employees who work from both its Carrickfergus headquarters and satellite office in Glengormley, sharing a 2-user accounting software licence.

The Requirements

James J Macaulay is a long-time client of Insight Legal Software’s accounting system, having first signed up in early 2013.

Prior to this, the law firm was using AlphaLAW. James J Macaulay found that, initially, the AlphaLAW system was straightforward to use and served its purpose sufficiently but, latterly, reporting errors triggered the search for a replacement.

Casandra Downie, Accounts Manager at James J Macaulay, explains:

“We discovered a discrepancy in the trial balances between our twin sites. Upon further investigation, other reports were found to be incorrect too.

“We were told that fixing the issue would necessitate chargeable support resources. As we hadn’t received any substantial software updates for between 6 to 8 years, this seemed unfair.

“Instead, we shopped around, chose Insight Legal and have been loyal users ever since.”

The Solution

As part of the research process, James J Macaulay received software demonstrations and compared functionality and prices between suppliers.

As a result of its findings, the practice purchased a 2 user desktop-access licence for Insight Legal Software’s accounts system.

Insight’s user-friendly, intelligent, SRA Accounts Rules-compliant features and all- inclusive fee offered a favourable contrast to competitive software providers.

Casandra continues:

“The Insight team talked us through the system and its pricing. They scored highly in both areas so we opted to migrate. It was the best decision we’ve made.”

The Results

By switching to Insight, the reporting problems were immediately resolved, giving James J Macaulay an accurate view of its dual offices’ financial status. Knock-on effects of the move to Insight include improved efficiencies and lower costs.

The firm decided to initially run both their old and new systems in parallel for the first month, which enabled Casandra and her team to perform direct comparability testing. When it came to month end, Casandra was delighted to find that, on the new Insight Legal system, the entire procedure took a matter of minutes from start to finish. In variance, Casandra’s colleague spent significantly longer on the same activity using their old system.

Casandra describes these, and other, benefits:

“Now, with reliable reports, our figures tally up. This is vital for any firm keen to monitor its finances, which we are. Overall, it’s much easier to operate the system so we’re saving time on our day-to-day tasks. This is particularly noticeable at month end which is quicker than it was before. It better suits our way of working.

“Regular software updates ensure that potential glitches are identified and rectified, keeping everything in good working order.

“With our old supplier, we paid for support separately on top. But with Insight, it’s one fee, all-in. We’re saving over £1,000 per year on the software fees alone. Much more when you factor in the support fees we used to be charged too.

“Where support’s concerned, we’ve gotten to know every member of staff because Insight is a close-knit team. This means we’re developing strong relationships and enjoying a speedier service. They’re friendly and have the patience to really talk things through with us until we’ve completely grasped the concepts which, on occasions, can take some time. We appreciate this responsive, consistent, supportive service. It’s a stark difference to what other legal software providers are offering.”