Monday 25th May, 2020

Insight Office Dash - We're going the extra mile for Willow Foundation

Insight Office Dash

From Monday 25th May, 21 members of the Insight Legal team are going to be putting on their trainers, setting their Stravas and clocking up an impressive 913 miles to raise much needed funds for our Charity of the Year; Willow Foundation.

The distance may seem a little odd but it’s the distance between all 4 Insight offices – Farnborough, Manchester, Glasgow & Belfast 

We’ll be covering the miles on foot by running, cycling, walking, anything that means the feet are moving! and of course from our remote working locations and keeping that safe 2 metre distance!

We've got 30 days to complete this challenge and we'd love your support along the way. We promise to keep you entertained as we record the progresses, pain and joy through photos, video and maybe even some live feed!
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Our Chairman, Brian Welsh, has set a personal challenge of cycling 500 miles, so we may even get around the offices twice!

It's a fun way of raising some profile and donations for the incredible Willow Foundation, helping us to keep fit in mind and body during these challenging times and particularly during lockdown.

Willow Foundation believe in quality of life and quality of time. Willow is the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days.

Each year they aim to fulfil 1,400 Special Days – a day to anticipate, to share and to remember when happy memories really do count. Sadly for some, it’s a last chance to fulfil a dream with the people that really matter. Thankfully for many more their Special Day is an important opportunity to put much-needed normality back into living.

On average each Special Day costs Willow Foundation £1250, so we've started our target as the same, in the hope to achieve at least one of these days with the funds raised.

Suzanne's Story 

Suzanne (36) lives with her husband and two young children in Merseyside, she was working part time when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel cancer and is now receiving palliative chemotherapy. Their Special Day at Center Parcs was a time to appreciate the normality of spending time together just having fun.

Here is what Suzanne said about her Special Day;

“Having a Special Day to look forward to and to enjoy was a priceless gift. A cancer diagnosis means that suddenly life becomes unbelievably sad and sadness is exhausting. This gave us a chance to be normal and to have fun.

We had such fun in Center Parcs, the kids were absolutely beside themselves. It was wonderful to have some normal family time in amongst the madness of what our life has become. We have banked so many happy memories and were able to appreciate the normaility of just spending time together having fun on our Special Day.”

Please support us and cheer us on!

Please click on this link to give as much or as little as you can to support this fantastic charity and our fundraising efforts / blisters / aching joints!

Follow our social media pages to keep up to date on how we’re doing;

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Twitter: InsightLegal
Facebook: InsightLegalSoftware
Instagram: insightlegalsoftwareltd

Follow the progress (and pains!) of the Insight Office Dash Team here;

Day 1

Anne-Marie picks up the baton to start off the challenge...

Day 2
The trainers are on and the team are off...  Good Luck All ! 

Day 3
Strava's and Views 
(and questionable refreshment in the "water bottle")

Team Progress;
244.72 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £640 of £1250 target

Day 4
Inspiration and Motivation 
(from stories, views and new purchases...) 

Team Progress;
286.19 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £850 of £1250 target

Click here to view Lauren and Matthew's Story that is inspiring Anne-Marie and the Insight team to take on the Office Dash Challenge

Day 5
The Friday Feeling  

Team Progress;
314 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £945 of £1250 target - Brilliant!

30.05.20 & 31.05.20
Days 6 & 7 
The Weekend Workouts 
(and messages of support) 

Team Progress;
547 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £985 of £1250 target

Day 8

A new month and a new week of miles ahead... 

Team Progress;
635.26 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £1015 of £1250 target

Day 9
Miles and Mascara... 

Team Progress;
703.85 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £1055 of £1250 target

Top Tip from Lisa in the
Support Team...

Do not wear mascara when
cycling in the rain ! (oops!)

Day 10

Mud, Moos and Many More Donations... 

Team Progress;
763.59 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £1230 of £1250 target

Day 11

A word from our Chairman, Brian Welsh, on our charty event, Insight Office Dash - raising awareness and fundraising for our Charity of the Year 2020, Willow Foundation

Day 11 

One Target Achieved!!! But the feet are still moving... 

Team Progress;
829.45 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £1255 of £1250 target

Day 12 

Target Achieved!!! Time to double-up...

With your help, we've achieved the target to raise £1250 - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you !

This means we have raised enough money to cover one of Willow's "Special Days" for young adults living with life-threatening conditions.

We've still got 2 weeks of the challenge and plenty of miles left in us, so have doubled the target (to £2500) with an aim to raise enough money for another of Willow's Special Days.

Now to achieve the 913 miles target!


Days 13 & 14
We're thrilled that we've reached our distance target this weekend - 15 days earlier than we aimed for...

On to the next level on Monday then...
Go team Insight!

Team Progress;
1119.74 miles covered (current total)

Donations at £1560 of a new £2500 target - Amazing!!!

Day 15 

Half way through the 30 day challenge and we've now hit both the original targets of £1250 and 913 miles - this is amazing! 

So, we're going around again!

New distance target - doubled up to 1826 miles to be completed by 23rd June

New donation target - doubled up to £2500 with the aim to fund 2 Special Days for Willow Foundation

Day 15
Just the push on we need by our Chairman Brian Welsh;

Day 17 

So, we're going around again!

Team Progress;
1283.95 miles covered (current total) with 542 miles remaining!

Donations at £1610 of a new £2500 target

This is why we're doing the Insight Legal Office Dash... To raise funds, that turn into Special Days, so that special memories with loved ones can be created by Willow Foundation

Day 21

Team Progress;
1564.13 miles covered (current total) with 261 miles remaining!

Donations at £1610 of a new £2500 target

Day 24

Team Progress;
1564.13 miles covered (current total) with 261 miles remaining!

Donations at £1630 of a new £2500 target - Amazing but still some way to go ...

Day 25

We've completed our second target of 1826 miles - How brilliant and motivated are Team Insight! They literally can't stop moving....

Our Chairman, Brian Welsh, has offered to donate £100 to increase the target of miles and now head from our Glasgow Office to the office of one of his other business interests in Southampton

So we're taking it to another level and adding a further 407 miles to keep us going for another 6 days and to the end of the challenge 

New distance target is now 2233... We're currently at 1749.33 miles

Our donation target is £2500 with the aim to fund 2 Special Days for Willow Foundation

We're currently at £1660....

Challenge ends on 23rd June - Come On Team Insight !

Day 26

Following on from our poll on social media earlier in the week the results are for our Insight Office Dasher voted to walk/cycle/run in their fancy costume....  The "winner" is *drum-roll* .... 
Ed and Ian - so we're letting 2 of them out on the loose over the weekend! 

Please don't let their efforts for Willow Foundation go unrewarded - visit our Just Giving page to spur them on (regardless of the funny looks they are going to get !) 

We'll share the footage of how they got on, on Monday ! 

Well done both on being great sports! ⭐️ 🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️⭐️

Day 29
They did it and raised to the Insight Office Dash Challenge of running / cycling / walking in fancy dress !

Well done Ed and Ian – brilliant commitment and we’re sure you made a few people smile whilst raising more donations for Willow Foundation.

The Insight Team have 144 miles to go over the next 24 hours with an aim to reaching our Just Giving target too.

Your support is hugely appreciated 😊 Thank you ...

Day 30

We did it !!! Yes !!!

The numbers are in....

2255.29 miles
Over 30 Days
480 Activities
75.18 Miles per day
21 Team Insight Dashers

74 Donations
101% Achieved
£2531 donated
2 Special Days funded for Willow Foundation

21 sets of tired feet and 21 very happy and proud faces

Thank you for all your support - we're going for a rest now !

Anyone up for the next Challenge????

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