There’s only a few weeks to go until we will be heading to the ExCeL, London to exhibit at LegalEx 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’re going to be setting up base on stand 530, and we’d love to invite you to come and see us so that we can tell you all about Insight Legal Software in person!

This event is a great chance for us to meet properly, so that we can give you a real idea of what we can do for your business – be sure to grab your free ticket so that we can arrange a meeting at the stand! Plus, if you register now you will receive a printed showguide in the post prior to the event with all of the information you need to plan your day.

The event showguide will also give you details on this year’s outstanding lineup of keynote speakers, seminars, other exhibitors and masterclass sessions.

Our Professional Services Director, Deborah Edwards will be a keynote speaker on Managing Your Practice For Success in Theatre 6 on Wednesday 27th March, 11am – 11.45am and Thursday 28th March 12.00noon – 12.45pm.


“In these days of ever-increasing regulations and management responsibilities, learn how to effectively manage and lead your law firm without taking away from your fee earning time. Dealing with issues from ensuring compliance to preventing cyber crime, and from cash management to running your practice as an efficient business, this session will guide you through the practical aspects of managing a law firm today”.

Click here to register for a complimentary ticket for LegalEx and we look forward to welcoming you to stand 530 !


Back in December 18, Insight Legal announced that local charity Step by Step, was the charity chosen to be our Christmas Card Charity donation recipient… read more on our December announcement here.

On Monday 21st January, Insight Legal paid a visit to the charity to hand deliver the donation, meet the team and young people and understand the important work Step by Step do, to make the lives of young people in Hampshire better when faced with hard times.

It is at Christmas time that they feel particularly lonely and unsupported, but through its “Open Doors” campaign, the charity was able to host a Christmas Day for 245 young people; providing them with a safe place, warmth, gifts and of course a Christmas roast dinner.

Here is what a few of the young people and staff said about the experience;

“All leading up to Christmas I was dreading it, thinking that everyone would be putting a face on and wouldn’t have actually wanted to be here, but instead that wasn’t the case. We had plenty to eat and drink and were treated to a fry up when we woke up. The atmosphere was really good as everybody realised that we’re all in the same position and so we made the most of it. We had a lovely Christmas dinner in which the staff members joined us at the table and ate with us, so it was very nice,”
 said a young person at the charity’s living at our Aldershot Foyer.

“If it wasn’t for Step by Step my Christmas day would have been on the streets. We were still able to experience Christmas almost as everyone else who did have a home, thanks to donations and support.” said another young person living at its Aldershot Foyer.

“Christmas can be the hardest time for young people accessing accommodation here, I just want to say thank you to everyone in the community for supporting us and helping us to turn one of the hardest times of the year into a festive and happy occasion” commented Richard Holmes – Accommodation Manager

Through the £500 donationmade by Insight Legal, we were able to make a difference to 16 young lives at Christmas.

Step by Step’s Corporate Partnership Manager, Anda Chiu and team member Chloe Wilson accepted the donation from Brian Welsh, Insight Legal Managing Director and Jamie Lawrence, Sales Account Manager.

Based in Aldershot, Step by Step passionately believe in supporting local young people, providing a range of services to help them fulfil their aspirations and reach their full potential; providing accommodation, personal development, opportunities and specialist support services.

Please take a look at its website here and see the work they do 365 days of the year.

There are plenty of ways that other businesses and individuals can get involved in supporting Step by Step, including the popular Sleep Out in June 2019; why not give up your bed for one night and sleep out so that the young people don’t have to?

Making Tax DigitalChange is fast approaching across the Legal sector. Taking effect from 1st April 2019, Making Tax Digital (MTD) is the government’s latest initiative which looks set to change the way accounts are managed in today’s digital world.

The regulations will be firstly introduced for VAT processes, requiring all VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the threshold to use the MTD service to keep records digitally and utilise software to submit their VAT returns. Yet, while these efforts aim to make it easier for businesses to submit their tax correctly and keep on top of their affairs in the long term, the regulations will require many to overhaul their previous VAT processes and opt for more digital procedures, to ensure full compliance.

Now, for many Law Firms time is running out to take the necessary steps for MTD and it is now crucial that they check the status of their systems to ensure their current software has the controls in place to maintain an efficient and compliant operation. As the new regulations draw ever closer, Firms that don’t ask questions of their existing software provider could be leaving themselves open to risks of falling short of the regulations or incurring higher fees.

For example, the impact on a Law Firm could be that their existing supplier requests that they change to an alternative replacement system, which could come at a large expense to the business. Should they chose not to, remaining with their existing system could mean that they simply will not be compliant from the moment MTD it comes into force.

In addition, many Law Firms may not have considered the potential time it takes to implement and migrate to a new software solution. Data migration takes considerable time and resources to make sure it’s done right, which could leave many Firms caught out should this process be left too close to the deadline. This could have a number of consequences – such as forcing them to accept a high renewal or large migration fee to remain with the current supplier, or even sign a lengthy agreement on a software that they are not fully satisfied with.

With the chance of increased costs looming, Law Firms must now check their supplier’s MTD status and make fast decisions over their software soon if they are to adhere to new industry regulations and remain cost effective. Taking these steps now could help Firms to reap the full benefits of software suppliers which provide fast migration with full support and expertise, meeting the demands of the MTD initiative and preparing them for other industry regulations on the horizon.

Here at Insight Legal, we have been working to ensure that our software will be ready in plenty of time. In conclusion, our commitment to the success of our customers is absolute. This is why we will have a MTD compatible version ready to go well before the deadline.

Please visit this link to the HMRC website where you will find us listed as a compatible software supplier;

To find out more, get in touch with our friendly staff on 01252 518939 or email


As we wave goodbye to a year of change and success here at Insight Legal, we’ve taken a look back to remind ourselves of how it all started. Our Professional Services Director Deborah Edwards does just that in The Parliamentary Review’s Technology Report 2018 (pages 19 – 21), reflecting on the foundations we are built on, why we are different to other Legal Software suppliers and our plans for continued success in the future.

Looking ahead to 2019, we reflect on Deborah’s telling insights about our journey from grassroots level and what makes us who we are.

What we do

In short, we produce software for law firms. Our system enables firms to manage the finances of their business and the legal accounts of their client files, alongside producing letters and documents, completing legal forms, recording their time and managing their compliance.

Insight Legal launched back in 2011, giving us the exciting opportunity to bring new and innovative software to the market and to return to basics, placing the focus firmly back on to customer care and personal service.

Where we started

Back in 2011 it was traditional in the legal software market to charge an upfront purchase fee for software and then a smaller ongoing monthly or annual fee for software updates and support. As a new business with the inevitable start up costs it would have been tempting for us to do the same, but we knew that a different approach was needed. Well aware that encouraging firms to invest in new technologies was likely to be a challenge, we knew that our offering and pricing model had to be innovative.

Encouraging firms to look at taking on our software became not just about explaining the cost, but demonstrating the value. We became innovators, thought leaders and trusted advisors, going the extra mile to prove to our customers that we wanted to help them.

Doing things differently

Law is not only a profession; it is also a business. Despite the somewhat staid reputation that some Solicitors’ practices may have, there can be no doubt that in recent years there has been a significant increase in firms embracing change and wanting to increase their operational efficiencies.

Our pricing model is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. We have made it easy for firms to afford the software by eliminating any upfront cost and instead paying a monthly fee only. This has meant that firms can consider changing software systems without the prospect of taking out a finance agreement or making a large capital outlay.

Continuing our success

We appreciate that the time may not be right for some firms to purchase or change software and, for others, we may not provide quite the right solution – which brings us to one of our key values: honesty. If we feel our software is not right for a firm, we will be the first to tell them.

We continue to innovate with our product, making sure that we stay up-to-date with any regulations in both law and finance. The development of our mobile app has enabled us to provide our customers with solutions to meet their business challenges, and ultimately to facilitate growth.

Our support staff are trained in finance and often come from legal backgrounds, meaning that we truly understand what our customers do and what they want to achieve. We’re a technology company at heart, but we are also real people with a passion to deliver the service that we’d want to receive ourselves.

 Check out the full article on Page 19 of The Parliamentary Review here, or contact us on 01252 518939 or to find out more about our services.



Insight Legal has named its Christmas Card Charity recipient as the local charity, Step by Step.

When deciding which charity to donate our Christmas gift to this year, the Directors passed the decision back to the staff members at Insight as to who they think should be gifted.  All staff were asked to nominate their chosen charity to be considered to receive £500.

Jamie Lawrence, Sales Account Manager, nominated Step by Step as he has experience of seeing the valuable work that the charity do for local young people going through hard times.   The young people who find themselves in difficulties have had their lives turned around through support from the charity and the wonderful approach they have in counselling, guiding and care.

Based in Aldershot, Step by Step passionately believe in supporting local young people, providing a range of services to help them fulfil their aspirations and reach their full potential; providing accommodation, personal development, opportunities and specialist support services.

Please take a look at their website here and see the work they do 365 days of the year but also how they help open doors for young people at Christmas,… and perhaps make a Christmas gift donation too.

The team at Insight Legal wish all their customers a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous 2019.


Over the past few decades Legal Practices, like other sectors, have embraced digitisation. From digital dictation to online searches, digitisation has affected virtually every aspect of how Law Firms operate. This article will look at how some of the modern and future digital trends might affect Law Firms, along with the technologies that Law Firms are using today to improve efficiency.

Taking Data to the Cloud

Most legal practices have embraced Cloud Computing to some extent already, whether planned or not. The advantages of moving data and processing to the cloud are that it increases flexibility and access to your data and systems. By reducing the Firm’s reliance on local servers and systems, costs can be reduced, reliability can be improved and you gain considerably more flexible deployment options.

Good examples of where firms are often enjoying the benefits of cloud computing are those firms using services like Microsoft’s Office 365 for email. This is particularly popular as it replaces a local Microsoft Exchange server with a cloud-based version managed by Microsoft. Purchasing and managing Microsoft Exchange Server was a costly exercise and required an expert to maintain the server on a day-to-day basis. By removing the need for an on-site server and simply paying a moderate monthly fee for each user this has saved practices a lot of expense and also dramatically reduced their reliance on local servers and technical staff.

Another good example of migrating local systems to the cloud would be moving an on-premise SQL Database to Microsoft Azure. As with Exchange, the initial outlay for SQL Server is not inconsiderable, so to combine this with the need to maintain regular backups, moving this service from on-site to something like Microsoft’s Azure service brings many benefits in both initial outlay and ongoing support costs. Of course, the other benefit of moving your data to a service like Microsoft Azure is that you can now potentially access it from anywhere that you have a good quality internet connection. This means that it is much easier to combine a Firm’s branches into a single digital entity and have staff working from home or any other location that they may need to.

That said, it is crucial that a Firm ensures that any cloud technology employed is done securely and in line with professional regulations. Engaging with practice recommendations by The Law Society, as well as the Legal and regulatory obligations under GDPR and the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Code of Conduct will ensure that you meet your compliance obligations.

Enable Intelligent Case Management

Case Management means different things to different people. There can be very few firms that have not put in place at least some kind of case management system within the last few years. The early generations of Case Management Systems were often either inflexible, cumbersome or did not provide the functionality that firms needed to assist them with running their cases. All too often, a Case Management System would be just a set of tools and the Firm would then need to spend a lot of time (and in some cases a lot of money on consultants) before they would have a system that worked for them which would actually improve the efficiency of the firm and the staff. Not only that, but often these systems took a lot of work to keep them up to date. This of course meant that the effort and costs involved in getting a Case Management System up and running combined with the cost of maintenance would outweigh the efficiency gains achieved.

More modern Case Management Systems take a much less prescriptive approach to the process of implementation allowing the users and managers to adopt the new functionality in a more evolutionary rather than revolutionary way. Your Firm’s staff are the experts in what they do, not the computer. By utilising one of the more modern flexible Case Management Systems, you might find that your staff have software which will assist them in their work rather than feel like they are working for the Case Management System.

When you combine a Case Management System with the flexibility of Cloud Computing as well as the ability to access from Mobile devices, these things then are together “more than the sum of their parts”.

Streamline Practice Management Processes

To manage a practice effectively, managers must be able to scrutinise the performance of their firm; if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. An effective Practice Management system is essential; however, it is only as good as the information it contains. By utilising a modern Practice Management system, a vast amount of data can be captured digitally and automatically.

Modern Practice Management Systems will allow the Staff and Fee Earners to monitor their own performance and take action where necessary before being directed by a Practice Manager. Historically, every month firms would issue to each Fee Earner a printout of all of their active matters so they could monitor things like overall WIP, outstanding Bills etc. Modern Practice Management Systems will allow Fee Earners to have all of this information available to them on demand. As with all management, it is far better if people can manage themselves. Being able to see for themselves where action is needed rather than relying on the Firm’s Practice Manager to remind Fee Earners to bill WIP or chase outstanding invoices.

Find the Right Technology Partners

Many of the solutions we currently see across the sector offer the general functionality needed to help Legal practitioners digitise most aspects of their operations. However, having the right support in place when using these tools is just as essential for any Law Firm wanting to streamline operations and get the most value from their digital efforts.

Striking this balance is not just the responsibility of practitioners themselves. Technology providers must now ensure that their staff have both the knowledge and level of expertise to fully support their customers throughout all stages of their digitisation – whether this be migrating from a different system, or providing adequate training to help Firms utilise the software effectively.

In order for Law Firms to take advantage of innovation, software suppliers must ensure that they are continuing to develop their products and services. Meanwhile, Law Firms must equally consider whether their technology providers are meeting the requirements imposed on them by local regulators and legislation, to ensure full compliance when completing day-to-day management tasks. This is essential to helping Law Firms grow, stay relevant and remain compliant in an evolving industry.

Enhancing digital innovation within the demanding Legal sector can by no means be performed instantly. However, those who take the necessary steps towards implementing a more agile, cloud-based approach to Case and Practice management will ultimately benefit from better working processes for their staff and a greater competitive edge over their counterparts.

As the Event Sponsors with The Solicitors Group, throughout the 2018 events, we were offering visitors to the Insight Legal exhibition stand, the chance to enter into a Holiday Prize Draw. The lucky winner would receive holiday vouchers to the value of £1500.

Over 350 entrants were put into the draw and the winner was chosen on 3rd December.

The Solicitors Group Holiday Voucher Winner is…

We were delighted to surprise Suraiya Isaac of Wadsworths Solicitors with the exciting news!

Suriaya thanks Insight Legal for the early Christmas present, as a welcome break is definitely on the cards for the year ahead.

Congratulations Suriaya and we hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday, courtesy of our team.

Insight Legal is very excited to unveil the next generation of our business, beginning with today’s launch of our brand new company look and website.

Legal Software has evolved drastically over the last few years and we have continually developed with the changing tides of the industry. Over the last eight years, our team of industry specialists have been dedicated to providing Solicitors with the tools they need to make the management of their practice and legal accounts just that little bit easier.

By placing our customers’ needs at the very heart of our business, we have been able to build both a product and support system which meets these needs and as a result, celebrate continued success along the way. With 600 law firms now using our software, we are growing fast and committed to continuously improving our service, as we enter the next phase in the evolution of Legal Software.

With our refreshing new look, we not only recognise our growth and support of our customers to date, but also look ahead to some very exciting changes soon to take place across our own business.  As we look to a more digital future, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve as we continue to enhance our own suite of products to provide firms with the innovative solutions needed to manage their ever-growing caseloads quickly and effectively.

Throughout this period of change, we also debut our affirmed Company Values.   At Insight Legal, our mantra is honesty and we want to be both the friendly and trusted partner that legal practitioners need to drive maximum value from their legal software. As ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award  winners three years running, we’re on the right track.

Yet, despite our growth we remain proudly independent and our owners will still be the everyday faces of our business. As a result, we will continue to raise our standards to outshine on service and give every customer the support they need.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Welsh, Managing Director at Insight Legal said: “We are delighted to unveil  the new and improved Insight Legal. Innovation across the legal software industry is moving faster than ever before as law firms increasingly require systems which enable fast and simple  management across all areas of their practice. We are committed to using our growth and expertise to keep pushing the envelope and build solutions which support the future needs of our customers today.”


Technology is developed to simplify tasks and to improve our lives in many ways; through education, business, entertainment, communication, medicine, agriculture, the list goes on.  The rapid pace of development is hard to keep up with.

Just look at where we were five years ago – cheering on Andy Murray to his first Wimbledon win, celebrating the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge, watching underdogs Wigan Athletic lifting the FA Cup or listening to Gangnam Style in the top 10!

Read more

Insight Legal are delighted to have won the prestigious ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award for the third year in a row.  This unprecedented win is put into context as no other software supplier has won the award more than twice, let alone three* times in a row.

This is the tenth time that ILFM (The Insititute of Legal Finance & Management) members have been surveyed to choose an award winner and were voting on their experience of their legal accounts software package and the quality and responsiveness of the support service.  This is the only legal software award that is decided on votes from actual users of the software.

Those eligible to vote are ILFM members, an organisation we hold in very high regard, and the members voting are trained, qualified and experienced legal cashiers and practice managers.

The achievement is testament to a winning team and to the leadership of Insight Legal.  Insight is led by three directors, all of whom are involved in the day-to-day running of business.  They oversee the investment in the development of the software, the award-winning support and the customer training.

Tim Kidd, Chief Executive of The ILFM said, “Congratulations Insight for some excellent feedback once again.  The scoring for Insight Legal by ILFM Members from different Firms was consistently high across all features of the software and technical support. The written comments were also very positive.  We look forward to presenting the management team with the award once again at our annual luncheon at Middle Temple in September.”

A huge thank you to all those who voted for us and we look forward to continuing to work with you as your software supplier of choice.

More information on this award can be found on the ILFM website here 

*Insight Legal award winners 2016, 2017 and now 2018