Dobbs & Drew Enterprise Case Study

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Workflow-driven efficiencies for Dobbs & Drew workforce following upgrade to Enterprise

‘Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency’ is the mantra of every successful law firm. Yet achieving optimum efficiencies isn’t always easy. The solution is the perfect combination of people and software.

When specialist conveyancers Dobbs & Drew upgraded to Insight’s Enterprise system, efficiency improvements were so considerable that the practice empowered all staff to perform all matter-based activities, realising time-saving advantages in the process, yet never risking compliance or compromising on quality.

The Law Firm

Dobbs & Drew Property Lawyers provide residential conveyancing services to the Forest of Dean community. With a workforce comprising two solicitors, each with a four-strong unit of support staff, involvement by every employee throughout matter stages – from receipt of initial instructions to completion – is an absolute necessity.

Dobbs & Drew have relied upon Insight Legal Software for matter and practice management and legal accounting since 2016. To benefit from the addition of workflow, the practice moved to Insight’s Enterprise system in 2020.

The Requirements

Software workflow functionality has the power to revolutionise how law firms work by giving fee earners the ability to efficiently, uniformly and collaboratively manage matters from onboarding to invoicing, saving time along the way. Closely defined workflow enables lesser qualified employees to perform the same stages of work too. This was the driving force for Dobbs & Drew’s decision to upgrade to Insight Legal Enterprise.

Lisa Dobbs, Director at Gloucestershire-based conveyancing specialists Dobbs & Drew, comments, “As a small business, software decisions are all about efficiencies with functionality that allows our team to work better and provide the best services they can.”

“Conveyancing matters typically follow a standard path, excepting more complicated or large-scale cases. For this reason, workflow is ideal. Coupled with the fact we’re long-time Insight users, that’s why we chose Enterprise.”

The Solution

Insight’s Enterprise module has been developed to empower staff at any level and any role to do more work in less time, whilst still maintaining the very highest standards of client care and meeting compliance requirements.

By working with the team at Insight and spending time with the workflow consultants, Dobbs & Drew now have entirely customised workflows to fit their own processes. Being experts in their field and vastly experienced in how best to deliver the service their clients want, it’s vitally important that the firm’s workflows reflect the way they want to work. Whether it’s adding new parts to the process, amending an action from, say, a letter to a phone call, or customising an email or document template, firms can choose to either make these changes themselves or use the Insight workflow consultancy service to have the work done for them.

The result is a comprehensive workflow that supports the way the firm wants to work, with appropriate actions, controls and levels of detail. There are some parts of the process that require greater control over actions and timescales and other parts that necessitate greater flexibility. Having workflow functionality that is so customisable means that the firm has a guiding and supportive framework every step of the way.

With a large number of advanced features and integrations a part of the Enterprise upgrade, it’s not just the case work that benefits either.
With functionality such as integrated bank feeds and AML checks to aid finance and compliance, efficiencies can be felt throughout the practice.

Dobbs & Drew now enjoy these additional features over and above existing tools within Insight Legal Software. Lisa adds, “Whether qualified solicitors or unqualified personnel, everyone in our business performs almost every task demanded to progress a matter; that’s except for raising enquiries and running reports which only Sue Drew and I action. We have, therefore, achieved what we set out to do with this software upgrade project… and gained much more besides.”

The Results

With requirements for greater practice-wide efficiencies, Dobbs & Drew have accomplished this goal by successfully rolling out Enterprise.

“Our organisation is evolving and growing, so our software should have the capacity to evolve and grow with us,” concludes Lisa. “Insight does exactly that. With Enterprise, we’re able to utilise all the usual core features – including automation assistance and pre-populated document generation – as well as the advanced workflow, third-party integrations and other features in the add-on package.”

“We’re saving time – adding up to hours per conveyance – and we’re employing the skills of all personnel, regardless of their position in practice, throughout the lifecycle of matters. Ultimately, Enterprise has helped us to increase output without increasing headcount.”

“Clients request regular updates on their legal cases, as you’d expect. In Enterprise, it’s just so easy to see matter status and inform clients where we’re up to. Client satisfaction has skyrocketed since we became Insight users.”

“We enthusiastically recommend Enterprise to other law firms with the same objectives as ours; this being to improve overall operations at a time when the legal sector needs it the most.”