Everyone knows that Information Technology moves at a rapid pace and software is often considered ‘out of date’ within a remarkably short space of time. We know that there are many hundreds of firms still using Practice Management Systems that were written decades ago. So, if these old systems are working perfectly well then why should it matter?

The simple answer is that technology changes in many different ways. Often these changes go by without their significance being entirely noticed. Your old Practice Management System may work just fine for one or two Operating System upgrades but will it work on Windows 8 or Windows 10 or the next one for that matter? The software supplier may indeed find ways around cloud computing because the system itself cannot handle it effectively.

You may have no intention of upgrading the systems that currently run your vital applications but what happens if one of these computers suffers irreparable damage? It might not be possible to replace it with one running an Operating System that is compatible with your old software.

Even if you can keep your current Practice Management System running, is it delivering everything you need it to? Does it help you with compliance, is it being regularly maintained and upgraded, is support provided when you need it and are issues resolved promptly?  Does it allow you to use it on the move, does it provide you with the level of reporting that you require, is it expensive because it requires bought in technology to keep it running on today’s technology and finally, is it causing inefficiency’s in your business because of work arounds? One small example is a “cloud” implementation that requires Terminal Services to actually run and does not simply work in a cloud environment out of the box.

A non-aggressive, reputable vendor will be confident in their software solutions and the proven benefits it can deliver. They will be experts in their field. They will have multiple reference sites; firms just like you who considered not upgrading their software but then realised the cost to their businesses of inaction and who are now growing their businesses cost-effectively and efficiently. They will tell you that the age of software does matter and the cost of doing something is common-sense.

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Tim Smith, Technical Director at Insight Legal Software Ltd