Scottish Legal Accounts

Scottish Legal Accounts

Insight Legal has been developed to help firms in Scotland meet the specific requirements of the Scottish Legal Accounts rules.

The Legal Accounts System requirements for Solicitor Practices in Scotland differ from those in other areas of the UK. The Insight Legal accounts software has the features required to meet these needs. From running a surplus in the client account to producing a day-book, the Insight Legal Practice Management System has the features and functionality required for Scottish Law Firms.

Law Practices are not like other companies and there are a number of specific requirements that set them apart from other businesses. Very few companies have their accounts scrutinised to the extent that Solicitors’ firms do.

This is why it is essential for Law Firms to have a Scottish Legal Accounts System that meets their specific needs and requirements without compromise.

You have earnt your customers’ trust by being legal experts, why would you trust something as important as your accounts to a non- Scottish Legal Accounts System?

Client and Matter Accounting

Client and Matter Accounting forms a central part of a Legal Accounts system. The proper recording and reconciliation of client account monies is essential. Ensuring that outlays or disbursements are properly recorded, whether they be incurred, billed or anticipated is vital.

In addition to tracking clients’ money in client account, Insight also allows for a unlimited number of Other Funds or Deposit accounts. Therefore this gives you total control and peace-of-mind when it comes to tracking and reconciling your clients’ financial entries.

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Client Surplus Accounting

Most Scottish Law Firms operate a client bank account in surplus in accordance with the rules laid out by the Law Society of Scotland. The Insight Legal Accounting Software allows one or more surplus accounts to be created each with their own bank and target surplus amounts.

When used in conjunction with the day-book report, this allows the firm to control and maintain a surplus for one or all of their client accounts.

Accounts For Your Business

To manage a Law Firm effectively you need to know how you are performing as a business. Your Legal Accounts Software should be able to assist with managing expenditure against budgets, reconcile bank accounts, producing a VAT return, performing cash-flow forecasts and much more.

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What Your Accounts Staff Will Love

From user-friendly bank reconciliations to the facility for multiple open financial periods and years, not to mention cheque printing, posting requests, batch posting and transaction drill-down, there is plenty that your accounts staff will love about the Insight Legal Accounts System.

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