Once, Twice, Three times a Winner!

Insight Legal are delighted to have won the prestigious ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award for the third year in a row.  This unprecedented win is put into context as no other software supplier has won the award more than twice, let alone three* times in a row.

This is the tenth time that ILFM (The Insititute of Legal Finance & Management) members have been surveyed to choose an award winner and were voting on their experience of their legal accounts software package and the quality and responsiveness of the support service.  This is the only legal software award that is decided on votes from actual users of the software.

Those eligible to vote are ILFM members, an organisation we hold in very high regard, and the members voting are trained, qualified and experienced legal cashiers and practice managers.

The achievement is testament to a winning team and to the leadership of Insight Legal.  Insight is led by three directors, all of whom are involved in the day-to-day running of business.  They oversee the investment in the development of the software, the award-winning support and the customer training.

Tim Kidd, Chief Executive of The ILFM said, “Congratulations Insight for some excellent feedback once again.  The scoring for Insight Legal by ILFM Members from different Firms was consistently high across all features of the software and technical support. The written comments were also very positive.  We look forward to presenting the management team with the award once again at our annual luncheon at Middle Temple in September.”

A huge thank you to all those who voted for us and we look forward to continuing to work with you as your software supplier of choice.

More information on this award can be found on the ILFM website here 

*Insight Legal award winners 2016, 2017 and now 2018

Keeping the community refreshed…

Following our successful marketing campaign, that was branded with our “refreshingly different” strapline and soft drinks given to refresh our event delegates, we had an excess of soft drinks available.  We’ve since planned to use these to refresh our local community to ensure they have a sparkling summer.

Through our partnership working with the local charity Parkside (Aldershot and District Learning Disability), Gayle and Anna, representatives from Insight Legal, popped along to visit the charity, meet the team and donated the soft drinks for their clients to enjoy.

Gayle Clarke, Insight Legal Software Ltd, Marketing Manager said “We are delighted to be able to support Parkside with this donation and hope that we can work with Parkside on other charitable initiatives”

The drinks certainly proved popular with Service Users who were attending a drop in session when the drinks were delivered.


Jackie Carr, Parkside Development Manager said “Our thanks to Insight Legal for this lovely and very useful donation; many wanted to join Gayle and Anna in the picture. The drinks will be used at our forthcoming Summer Fete Saturday 30th 1pm-3pm.”

For further details on Parkside fundraising and their Summer Fete please click here

Insight Legal is GDPR Ready

The Insight Legal practice management system is ready for GDPR and our clients are seeing the benefit of our software being compliant.

We have fully implemented the necessary functionalities and setting defaults, as appropriate for the practice to be fully compliant in running their accounts and case management, in line with the data protection legislation.
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Law: not just a Profession, but also a Business

April marks the start of a new financial year for many firms and of course the start of the new tax year too. Outside of the office, spring has officially sprung and British Summer Time is eventually here.

A financial year is often a time when businesses take stock and the Directors or Partners take a step back to review how things have been for them over the past year and what lies in the year ahead.

Law is not just a profession, it is also a business. It is vitally important for any successful organisation to review their performance and set clear performance objectives for the coming year.  It can be a daunting task to balance the management functions of a law firm with client matters, but is one that any successful business must do.
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The office on the move

The recent extreme weather , according to a leading economist*, has cost the British Economy at least £1bn a day over the 3 to 4 day period of severe weather disruptions (February 2018).  How do you make sure you are not among those who had no way of doing a day’s work?

Legal Software has evolved dramatically over the last few years and a secure cloud-based solution that is fully Law Society compliant from a reputable supplier would have gone a long way to allowing you to get your day’s work done from somewhere other than the office. This type of flexibility need not just be reserved for the extreme weather situations we have seen this winter; it can be used whilst waiting in court, on a train and in fact anywhere where the comfort of your office is not available.
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Insight Legal integrates with Redbrick Solutions

Alongside its comprehensive Legal Accounts and Practice Management functionality, Insight Legal provides the facility to produce and store your case-related correspondence and documentation. The functionality is powerful and can be used by firms undertaking any type of legal work. For those looking for a more workflow–based solution, particularly in the areas of conveyancing and private client work, Insight Legal is proud to integrate with Redbrick Solutions.

Redbrick Practice Management integrates case management, document management, reporting, workflow, task and diary functions, compliance and outlook integration all via a user friendly interface with best practice built in.
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Are you still listening to Gangnam Style?

Technology is developed to simplify tasks and to improve our lives in many ways; through education, business, entertainment, communication, medicine, agriculture, the list goes on.  The rapid pace of development is hard to keep up with.

Just look at where we were five years ago – cheering on Andy Murray to his first Wimbledon win, celebrating the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge, watching underdogs Wigan Athletic lifting the FA Cup or listening to Gangnam Style in the top 10!

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New Year, New Challenges

So with January finally over, (the month seemed to last forever!) and all the promises of “new year starts” either beginning to bloom or now a mere faded thought, it’s not too late to challenge yourself or your business objectives to achieve new starts…

Our Projects Co-ordinator Jodie, is taking on a personal goal as she prepares to face the Virgin London Marathon in April 2018.

This has been a long term desire for Jodie, having been unsuccessful through the public ballot applications for more years than she can remember… but she didn’t give up dreaming of the Big Run and is delighted to have been accepted to take on the challenge with The Shooting Star Chase Charity team. Read more

Legal Software Suppliers and Sunsetting of Products

Purchasing a Legal Software product is not something that firms do very often. The research involved, the time taken and the pressure of choosing the right system can seem like a daunting task.

The Legal Software market is currently in the midst of a period of significant change and consolidation, with many providers being taken over by larger organisations.

In years gone by, suppliers in the 1 to 200 user firm market tended to be owner-managed businesses. Firms looking to purchase from them bought into the ethos of the company, the service and the people, safe in the knowledge that if they needed assistance or if there was a problem, the MD of the supplier company (and in most cases the owner) was a phone call away.

Today’s landscape is very different, with a good number of these MD owned businesses having been bought up by larger Venture Capitalist backed businesses seeking to consolidate the market.

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Age of Software – Does it Matter?

Everyone knows that Information Technology moves at a rapid pace and software is often considered ‘out of date’ within a remarkably short space of time. We know that there are many hundreds of firms still using Practice Management Systems that were written decades ago. So, if these old systems are working perfectly well then why should it matter?

The simple answer is that technology changes in many different ways. Often these changes go by without their significance being entirely noticed. Your old Practice Management System may work just fine for one or two Operating System upgrades but will it work on Windows 8 or Windows 10 or the next one for that matter? The software supplier may indeed find ways around cloud computing because the system itself cannot handle it effectively.

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