Legal Software Suppliers and Sunsetting of Products

Purchasing a Legal Software product is not something that firms do very often. The research involved, the time taken and the pressure of choosing the right system can seem like a daunting task.

The Legal Software market is currently in the midst of a period of significant change and consolidation, with many providers being taken over by larger organisations.

In years gone by, suppliers in the 1 to 200 user firm market tended to be owner-managed businesses. Firms looking to purchase from them bought into the ethos of the company, the service and the people, safe in the knowledge that if they needed assistance or if there was a problem, the MD of the supplier company (and in most cases the owner) was a phone call away.

Today’s landscape is very different, with a good number of these MD owned businesses having been bought up by larger Venture Capitalist backed businesses seeking to consolidate the market.

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Age of Software – Does it Matter?

Everyone knows that Information Technology moves at a rapid pace and software is often considered ‘out of date’ within a remarkably short space of time. We know that there are many hundreds of firms still using Practice Management Systems that were written decades ago. So, if these old systems are working perfectly well then why should it matter?

The simple answer is that technology changes in many different ways. Often these changes go by without their significance being entirely noticed. Your old Practice Management System may work just fine for one or two Operating System upgrades but will it work on Windows 8 or Windows 10 or the next one for that matter? The software supplier may indeed find ways around cloud computing because the system itself cannot handle it effectively.

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Insight Legal Software has expanded its business into Scotland

Insight Legal has expanded and is set to create jobs and increase its share of the Scottish market as it has now opened its first office north of the border.

After much planning and processing we have also launched a Scottish version of our software product, that meets the needs of the Scottish legal community.

Investing in a Scottish base has long been an ambition for Insight Legal and our success across the rest of the UK has helped it become a reality.

Brian Welsh, Insight Legal’s director of operations and sales and a veteran of the legal software sector, heads up the firm’s new Glasgow office and lead on its expansion.

He says: “We are committed to providing excellent service and customer care so it’s important that we have a dedicated office for the Scottish market. The needs of our customers will be influential in the development of the Scottish product and we are building a local team to provide training and support. Unlike our competitors we will be investing in Scotland and we look forward to becoming a much more active part of the Scottish legal community.”
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Legal Software; Using the Cloud, Storing and Retrieving Data

Cloud computing continues to enjoy immense popularity amongst all types of businesses due to its major benefits of flexibility and low-cost deployment. It can also decrease risks to a practice by reducing or entirely eliminating the need for backups. Disaster recovery of the IT infrastructure becomes significantly easier if most of the services are cloud based and there are significant gains in terms of management time and money spent on on-premise servers.

When selecting a software supplier that uses cloud storage you need to be mindful of compliance with the SRA regulations if you operate in England and Wales or the local Law Society Rules governing data compliance in other areas of the UK.  No matter where you are in the UK, you must ensure that both you and your supplier abide by the terms of the current Data Protection act and the future GDPR.

As well as the need for compliance it is also prudent to ask the following;

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Insight Legal wins ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award for the second year running!

For the second year running, ILFM members have voted Insight Legal as their award winner!

This is the nineth time that ILFM members have been surveyed to choose an award winner and they again asked the users of legal accounts software to vote for their legal accounts software package.

Insight Legal were presented with their award at the ILFM Annual Luncheon.
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How do you like your training?

Cloud Computing – What is it and what can it do for you?

Insight Legal short-listed for Practice Efficiency Award

We are delighted to be short-listed for the Practice Efficiency Award at Legalex 2017. The Practice Efficiency Award is one of the most sought-after accolades of Legalex 2017. It is given out to the supplier that offers the best product or service that can streamline law firms, activities, helping them reduce costs and time. Wish […]