About Insight Legal

Insight Legal is a Legal Accounts, Practice Management and Case Management system designed specifically for small to medium sized law firms.

Insight Legal is a modern system for today’s legal practices unencumbered by legacy technology and thinking.

We bring together decades of experience with Solicitors’ practices to provide you and your firm with a system that meets your needs and support that goes beyond just help on the software.

Insight Legal is both easy to use and easy to move to. With no prohibitive upfront costs and a simple 30 day or 12 month rolling contract, moving to Insight Legal will be quick, easy and hassle-free.

We care about your practice because your success is our success. If we don’t think that our software is right for you, we will be the first to tell you.

To our customers, we are a valued partner and not just a software supplier.

Who we are

Insight Legal Software launched in 2011. We are dedicated to the design, development, supply and support of Legal Accounts, Practice Management and Case Management products to small and medium sized Solicitor firms in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Insight Legal was founded by Tim Smith, former Technical Director at AlphaLAW, and Deborah Edwards, former Training and Customer Support Manager at AlphaLAW.

Tim was responsible for the design and development of all the Windows-based AlphaLAW Solicitors’ systems until 2009, with his software being used by in excess of 1,000 firms and winning numerous awards and accolades from industry bodies and users alike.

Deborah is a former legal cashier with experience of both accounts and practice management in small and large Solicitors firms.

Within the team, we have over 100 years’ experience of working with and for law firms, which gives us an unparalleled knowledge of how practices operate and what they need.

All our support staff are trained by the Institute of Legal Finance and Management as well as having experience working within law firms.

In recognition of our achievements in producing quality software, Microsoft have certified us as a Partner for Application Development.

Legal Software Suppliers Association Logo

Insight Legal are also proud members of the Legal Software Suppliers Association. The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) is the UK industry body for legal systems developers and vendors. Representing most of the leading UK suppliers, it aims to both set and maintain professional standards within the industry and manage areas of mutual interest between lawyers and software providers.

What we do

We provide specialist software for solicitors that is designed specifically to meet the needs and requirements of small to medium sized law firms.

As a team we design, develop, deploy, train, service and support the Insight Legal system.

All firms have different requirements of their software systems. The needs of a small practice will vary significantly to those of a large city firm. Although both firms need to adhere to the same SRA Accounts Rules and the same COLP & COFA regulations, how the practices are run will be quite different.

For this reason Insight Legal Software set out to create a single software system that combines Legal Accounting, Practice Management and Case Management together in a totally unified solution.

The primary goal was not just to produce a fully featured and easy to use system specifically suited to small and medium sized law firms, but to ensure that it can be done at a price that makes the system within the financial reach of all firms.

There are no up-front costs for the Insight system. We charge a simple monthly fee for using the software and we do not tie our customers in to long term contracts.

The software is usable, affordable and accessible.

How we do it

The software is developed entirely by ourselves in-house. Our development team are highly trained and experienced in producing legal systems.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that our systems meet their needs both now and in the future.

Ongoing development is of great importance and we typically release a new version of the system every ten to twelve weeks with new features and functionality that has been requested by our customers. All new releases are delivered to all of our customers automatically as soon as the extensive quality assurance process has been completed. We recognise the importance of the partnership that is formed between ourselves and our customers.

The needs of the law firm are always at the very centre of our thinking. This extends beyond just the software and to all areas of implementation.

Moving to Insight Legal is very simple; there are no up-front costs for the software and we are experts at data migrations. If you need your existing data moving over to Insight Legal we are happy to do this, with a number of different levels of migration offered and costs from just £900 for a complete transactional migration.

Being easy to move to is only half the story, because we are also easy to leave. If you ever decide to terminate your Insight contract then we don’t restrict you from accessing your data like some systems do. In fact, you can still use the system after this time to run reports and view information, it just switches into a read-only mode which will allow you to view but not allow you to add more clients or matters or perform any transactions.

Why we do it

After spending many years working with companies providing software solutions to law firms, we realised that small and medium sized firms were not well provided for when it comes to legal accounts, practice management or case management.

Yes, there are some systems out there for the smaller firm but these are typically either very old software or ‘bitsa’ systems where lots of bits are stuck together without being built as one single unified solution. It is all well and good having a matter management system that bolts on to a generic accounting package but these systems will not help you ensure that you don’t fall foul of SRA Accounts Rules, or understand how a disbursement that needs to go on a bill has been paid from a purchase ledger and mean that the information is only entered once.

We believe passionately that small and medium sized firms deserve better systems designed to meet their needs and at a price that fits their budgets.

What we are not

We believe that our software and services speak for themselves. We do not employ high-pressure salespeople who will hound you into signing an order for an overpriced software system that might not be the best solution for you (but is the best for their commission figures).

We also do all of our demonstrations on-line and they are done by people who have worked in law firms, not salespeople who will say ‘yes’ to everything without properly understanding the question.

We want you to have the right software for your firm. If that is Insight Legal then great, if not then we will be the first to let you know.

We are an independent company, not part of a larger group or an organisation backed by venture capitalists and driven only by the balance sheet.

We don’t do discounts….

If you like to haggle then sorry about that, we don’t. We like to be perpetually honest and upfront with our customers and this starts right at the beginning of our partnership.

Some suppliers will inflate their prices hoping to get away with selling at a higher price but knowing they can discount heavily if pressed. We don’t do this. We have one price list and that is it.

We believe in charging a fair and reasonable price for what we do.